Parties are fun occasions. Well, mostly! There are parties that are official and are cordial. Yet, there is a bit of celebration involved in a party. Naturally, women want party dresses, be it a casual party or an official one. A party dress cannot be the same as a work wear or a regular wear dress. It’s simply not right! Yes, there is always the possibility to restyle a work wear outfit or a regular outfit in a way that it is suitable for parties. But, these are just last minute fixes when you are in a tight spot for an unexpected party. There is an absolute need to prep your wardrobe for party dresses any day with chic looking long skirts for women.

There is nothing like a long skirt for women to sculpt a party look. Especially in the Indian context, parties are associated with rich and showy attires. The range of fabrics available for Indian women makes it a possibility too; rich fabrics like banaras silk, brocade and cotton, chanderi silk, kanchipuram silk and the likes make for party friendly outfits. Skirts made out of these fabrics are timeless. They can be styled for various occasions.

The long skirt in an Indian context is not completely new. Most women from regions like Rajasthan and Jaipur wear long skirts with a blouse and a chunri as part of their everyday attire. A different version of long skirt with dupatta called the langa odni is from the southern parts of India. The only change that has happened in making long skirts part of party wear is to style it right with the right kind of fabric, cut and design.

Here are a few ways to style your long skirts for an amazing party look:-

Flared skirts – flared skirts fall gracefully along the body line and add an extremely feminine look to the wearer. They are a great option for women who are short or stout as this style compliments such stature. It doesn’t add bulk while being extremely curve friendly. Fabrics that are good for such a style are the flowy ones like chiffon or georgette. Even the most simple chiffon or georgette stitched to perfection and paired with the right kind of top make for a classy party look. The best kind of top to go with such skirts is a crop top or a shirt top for ladies who are tall. Women who are short can choose from a full body blouse or a crop top.

Pleated skirts – pleated skirts add form and shape to the wearer. They are stiff and add to the bulk of the look. Pleats stand well in fabrics such are cotton or silks. One of the most popular skirts in pleats is made with banarasi fabric. This fabric is special because of its rich brocade and motif work. It can also hold pleats extremely well. Another major plus with a banaras skirt is the endless possibilities it provides for mix and match options. A simple gold top or blouse goes well with most pleated skirts. Alternatively, a well done sharara top or a top designed to look like a jacket goes extremely well.

Straight skirts – straight skirts are not the typical Indian wear kind of party dresses for traditional occasions. Yet, they are great to wear for formal or cordial parties like cocktail parties. Straight skirts are great for women who have a figure to flaunt. At the same time, they can be worn by women of any height and weight combination if accessorized the right way.

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