Jewellery is the best piece of ornament that a woman can possess. Every special occasion in life starting from casual outings to weddings demands some kind of jewellery or the other for a woman. Gold jewellery is expensive, does not get worn on by women on a daily basis due to the fear of losing it or the fact that it might get stolen. However, a gold chain with the pendant is a very safe buy, which is not only a bit affordable than the heavy gold jewelleries but also adds to the beauty of the woman who has worn it. In this article, we will give you a brief insight into the best designs of both the chain and pendant that you can consider buying for daily usage. We would start with gold pendant designs with price, so that you can have a rough idea about the pocket pinch. However, these are estimated prices and may vary a bit depending on its features.

Here is a common list of Gold pendant designs with a price which is really famous and looks really great.

  • Heart and Rose Pendant- this is the most famous choice among women as this is not only ideal for daily usage but also looks very beautiful and graceful. The beautiful rose within a heart always melts the heart of any women who see it.  The price range of pendants without diamonds may vary between Rs.4000 to 8000 depending upon its weight.
  • The twin heart pendent- now this design had been in fashion for a long time. This design is a hit among couples, who considers the two hearts each belonging to one of them. The approximate price range varies between Rs. 4000 and 7000 without any embedded diamonds on it.
  • Gold pendant with diamonds- as they say, diamond is a girl’s best friend, and why it should not be? The beautiful sparkle that it adds to any ordinary gold jewellery would make the piece stand out in the crowd. Real diamonds are expensive and look very pretty. Depending on the quality of diamonds, the good quality ones start from Rs. 11,000 approximately.
  • Gold pendant with pave diamond and a blue sapphire-well, this is something that you might not want to wear daily because this looks really glamorous. However, you can wear this for that special dinner date or the party that you have been waiting for really long, and trust us, you would definitely stand out in the crowd. This is a bit expensive and the basic good quality ones start from approximately Rs. 15000.
  • Vintage designs- there are currently in trend and is worn by many girls as a statement jewellery. The beauty of this designs lies on its rusted alloy vintage look. The popularity of this design is because of the fact that it goes very well with western clothes like jeans and skirts as well. The estimated price of this ornament starts from Rs.3000.
  • Gold with the initials of your name if your name starts with ‘A’ then you can buy a pendant with the same initial. This has been one of the really loved designs till date and the price range starts from Rs. 3500.

There are many gold chain models for ladies depending on your preference. If you want to buy lightweight simple chains then that would cost you less and with the increase in weight and complexity of design, the price would also increase. However, you can consider the light weighted simple gold chains as your daily wearing ornament.

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