IT was the day of going to the good ol’ beach! My trusty Gillette was doing a perfectly good job, and everything went smoothly on my lower legs until the thing turned on me when I started shaving my upper legs. And then… blood, pain, hair tugging! The massacre!

It’s a story that could be told about 100 times because it’s happened about that much.

One day I had enough and decided to do something about it because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I had two options:

  1. Let my body hair grow for a good 2-3 weeks before shaving again to let my skin heal properly (yes, I own a lot of long skirts and dresses).
  2. Learn a new shaving technique or hair removal method, as shaving is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair.

When we make something to eat and it doesn’t taste good, don’t we try to make the same dish better next time to make the flavor better? We don’t keep making the same non-tasty dish and sticking to eating something we don’t like, right?

So, why is it that we torture ourselves to the same razors and same shaving techniques? Clearly, it’s not working so there’s only one answer – you need to break up with your old razor and move on to the next.

In the words of Ariana Grande, just say: Thank you, Next!

The One you MUST move on to is a good women’s safety razor!

What a Safety Razor Is and What It Is Not

Just a quick intro on what safety razors are, for those that are perhaps not aware of their existence.

Often called a double-edged razor. We won’t be talking about a straight razor here, as those are the ancient razors that barbers have used to shave men’s beards.

It is a sharp and well-balanced razor that requires no additional pressure from you when shaving.

It is not a razor that you can shave with using quick and long passes.

It is a single, high-quality blade razor that cuts the hairs closer to the skin.

It is not like the cheap single blade disposable razors that tug and pull on the hairs.

But you’re here to find out why you should make the switch, well…

Here are 7 reasons WHY!

You Save Money

This is the one I’ve got to start with because everyone loves saving money.

Do you know how amazingly cheap and affordable are single razor blades? Too cheap for you not to convert to a full-on safety razor addict just by reading this point!

I bought a pack of 100 single razor blades for $10! I shave (more or less) once every three days. That one $10 purchase will last me almost the whole year!

Ten dollars! Now, we all know that one month’s worth of changeable razor heads cost more than $10.

This guy has even estimated how much you can save each year with a safety razor. Sure, he only shaves his face, but you can still get the estimate and be surprised!

Less Irritation

I believe that just like me, you’re tired of ingrown hair, razor bumps and burns, am I right? Well, good news – with a safety razor you’ll see less of irritation and more of smooth, healthy skin! You might think that a 5-blade razor is better because surely 5 blades passing a hair will cut it better and closer to the skin. But that’s not the case.

Imagine shaving your legs. I doubt that you pass one spot only one time with the 5-blade razor (or any multi-blade razor for that matter). You probably go over that area 2 or 3 times. I did that too.

Simple math shows us that you are letting 10 (2 passes) to 15 (3 passes) single blades pass one spot of your skin. No wonder you get a rash, your skin is being irritated with too many blades. With a safety razor you can keep passing one spot 2 – 3 times, only this time with 1 blade, which means only 2 – 3 single blades pass that spot of skin.

Hurray for not getting the hairs stuck in blades, not pulling the hairs or cutting the skin!

More Sanitary

The OCD in me never got the hang of thoroughly cleaning a multi-blade razor. The struggle was real especially with the expensive razors with (yes, you guessed it) the expensive changeable heads. I was sad to throw out yet another $5 razor head.

But if you own a safety razor, the process of cleaning it couldn’t be simpler.

Take the blade out of the safety razor, clean it with tea tree essential oil (to kill bacteria) and pat it dry with a paper towel. You’ll have a clean blade every time you shave.

You Get a Smoother Shave

A good sharp blade cuts the hair just with one pass. I can’t say that even about a new multi-blade razor.

Since we established above that single razor blades are very cheap, you can change them frequently and have a new, sharp blade every time you shave (if you wish).

Since there’s only one blade passing your skin it doesn’t tug the hair, it rather cuts the hairs evenly with one smooth motion, opposite of what a cartridge razor does.

You Actually CAN Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

If you have dark and coarse hair, this probably makes you not want to read this reason why you should switch to a safety razor. I would have thought so as well. I mean, if you’re going to go through the trouble of shaving in the first place then do it perfectly, so you can walk smoothly for the day.

But! In places where irritation can be found the most (behind the knee and inner thighs) you can definitely skip the against-the-grain shaving. The sharp, balanced single blade will do its job well even when going in the direction of hair growth.

Trust me, I’ve been extremely happy to not see any more of those nasty nicks and cuts behind the knee. Plus, no more ingrown hairs as well. Only nice, clean skin.

As for the inner thighs, you know it’s prone to more sweating and chafing, so it helps us sensitive skin owners to shave in the direction of the grain. A safety razor will do that with no irritation or pain.

You Become a Friend to Animals and Nature (A.K.A. It’s Eco-Friendly)

If you’ve ever thought that it’s hard for you to minimize your waste and anyone you know that tries to live a zero-waste lifestyle is just a magician in your eyes, then know – you can be a part of it as well! By purchasing a safety razor, you won’t be buying new plastic razors each month, or plastic changeable heads that will end up in the landfill. You will buy only one GOOD safety razor (it’s an investment for maybe even your whole lifetime, if well-maintained) and only use metal razor blades that can be recycled. Congratulations, you are now a member of trying to minimize your waste only by changing a bit of your shaving habits.

Trust me, It’s More Enjoyable

You know the old saying of “You KNOW when he/she is the one!”?

It’s very true to safety razors. It’s just something different. It’s pleasurable to hold your safety razor with a light hand and no pressure (like aristocrats holding tea, perhaps?) and gliding it only once over a skin patch, and then seeing the smooth skin appearing right before your eyes.

Almost meditative.


To Sum It Up

Did you stop reading this article at one point and went online to order a safety razor + a pack of 100 single razor blades? Well, you should of! Switching to a safety razor has lots of benefits. From economical to eco-friendlier to better for your skin. Let us know in the comments below if you think there are other benefits to safety razors for women. Perhaps those reasons will further persuade ladies to make the switch!

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