A few of years back when Beauty Blender was launched, the latex-free sponge was a huge hit and not to mention, expensive and exclusive. Slowly and steadily, various brands came out with their version of latex-free sponges that swelled up when dampened with water. Today’s review would be one such sponge from the house of Maybelline. The brand needs no introduction, and the products always elicit high expectations from across the globe. Scroll for the detailed review of Maybelline New York FaceStudio Blender.

Price – $ 5.94


Packaging – The packaging of the Maybelline New York FaceStudio Blender is extremely simple and ordinary. It comes in a plastic see-through box with the name of the brand and other information printed on it. However, the box is definitely not going to be the perfect choice while traveling or even carrying the blender in your handbag. Therefore, you have to use something more secure and hygienic. I would not consider this as a major con because I wasn’t expecting a high-profile packaging from a budget-friendly brand but it is still counted as a flaw in a technical sense.

Shape – Even though various makeup sponges are blatantly compared with the infamous Beauty Blender, and for good reasons, the shape of this particular sponge varies greatly. Having said that, the sponge has the combined features of Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge and Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge.

FaceStudio Blender is black in color and has a rough teardrop structure with a curve in the middle and flat surface on the lower portion. The top portion has a slant surface on one side while the other portion is swelled. Words might fail to accurately describe the shape but the pictures will certainly do justice.

The curve of the sponge enables to hold the product effectively while application. The flatter, lower surface of the sponge would be ideal to apply foundation all over the face. The slant portion is the most useful one as it ensures smooth application of concealers, especially under the eyes. The narrower portion of the slant shall assist to blend the concealer to the inner corner of the eyes or around the nose.

The swelled portion can be used for stamping powder or baking the face. It can also be used for blending the contours if one wishes to. When it comes to the preferred shape of a beauty sponge, it said that ‘to each their own’. Some people find the simple tear-drop shape convenient as against something like the product in question.

Size – The sponge is quite small when it is dry but miraculously it puffs up once it is submerged in water and squeezed generously. The expansion is surely around 40-50% of the actual product. However, the shape doesn’t interfere with the application as it stands out perfectly. Washing the product is rather easy because of the color.

Texture – The texture of the product is soft and bouncy and doesn’t feel hard or rubbery. However, if you are to compare with the softness of the Original Beauty Blender, you would be disappointed. It does a good job is blending product on the skin seamlessly and gives a flawless look. The tool can be to blend color corrector, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, contouring, and highlighter.

Best works with – The FaceStudio Blender best works with liquid and cream foundations and concealers. It blends them flawlessly without stamping again and again and gives a streak-free look to the skin. However, it is slightly inept with powder-based products. It tends to crumble or makes it appear dry and the perfect look can’t be achieved. This is one of the major flaws of the product.

Usage, Price and Longevity

On one hand, I would strongly opine that this sponge is nothing like the Original Beauty Blender, I would also like to mention that Maybelline FaceStudio Blender is more of an everyday sponge. It is not great but good enough for using and won’t hurt, given the economical price tag. And therefore it would be unjust to compare the sponge with the Original Beauty Blender. The price is budget-friendly. The longevity is slightly hard to determine unless it tears up. So far, the sponge is performing just fine.

OVERALL – Maybelline FaceStudio Blender comes in a simple packaging with a curvy shape, one sided slanted tip and flat lower surface. It has been carefully curated for a multi-purpose application of facial makeup products with soft, non-rubbery and bouncy texture that swells up when dampened. It blends liquid and creamy products and has an economical price tag.


  1. Elaborate shape with lower flat, slant and oval surface.
  2. It can be used for the application of color corrector, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, contouring, and highlighter.
  3. Best works with liquid and cream based products.
  4. Blends beautifully.
  5. Feels soft and not rubbery or hard against the skin.
  6. The price is budget-friendly.
  7. Easy to clean.


  1. Packaging could have been better.
  2. Doesn’t work well with powder based products.
  3. Cannot be termed as an excellent quality of makeup tool.
  4. Not available in India.
Ordinary packaging.
The sponge is black in colour and has all three surfaces —oval, flat and slants— included in it.
The sponge has a soft texture that blends effortlessly without being stiff on the skin.
The best works with liquid and cream then powder-based products.
Economical price tag.
A good pick for everyday use.

Recommendation – This sponge might not be an outstanding one but it is surely a nice makeup tool to work with for everyday use. Therefore, it is surely a recommended product.

I’ve used Maybelline Makeup Blender
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