I know its been a while since my last fashion post so I really wanted to fill you in on what’s the new trend I’m loving. I’ve seen a lot of fashion posts online which are more about the latest fashion trends so I wanted to fill you in about something new and fresh. It felt really good to write about this topic, it has been so long since I wrote about any fun creative idea. So let’s jump straight into it…

image courtesy: StickerYou.com

The weather is sometimes unpredictable here in St Louis and that’s why we keep switching fashion more than any city I know.  When it comes to experimenting with fashion, it’s no less than heartbreaking to get rid of old favourite clothes that don’t seem to be attractive enough or simply out of fashion. What comes to your rescue is the idea of giving a new spruce to your long-lost clothes, that too with just a little bit of creativity. I recently found out about these cool custom patches which I feel is a super cool way to personalize your clothing (especially your t-shirts or dresses). You can simply glam up any outfit by adding your favourite graphics, logos, and anything else that represents you. The two words that bring positivity in my life and represent me are: believe and faith.

For me adding a personal touch on my bag, a cap or t-shirt is such a trendy and refreshing idea! This can be a simple way to add a fun element to your everyday outfit.

image courtesy: StickerYou.com

If you like doing DIYs using an old blanket, try creating a fashionable homemade coat, use some cute custom patches with it and you can surely take a few breaths away with its chic looks, brought by a little cutting, folding and stitching. One thing I like about the custom patches from StickerYou.com is that they are durable and machine washable, which is really great.

Fashion designers have always used this to change the runway fashion game by simply using fun custom stickers or patches. Trends like ear cuffs, floral skirts and graphic coats all popped up off the runway and on the street. The surprising coolest trend was the slogan Tshirts, and it feels like they will be in trend forever. Why not? They are so comfy and fun! It’s all about glamming up the rest of your look to match the fun T-shirt.

image courtesy: StickerYou.com

So what do you think about this trend? Are you guys going to go the darkest depths of your closet to pull out your most comfy, worn-in tee and create something new? Have you ever tried custom patches?

Please share your experience below.

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