We all want glowing skin, but our busy modern lives and external factors like pollution and harsh weather can make our skin look and feel lifeless and dull. There are some easy ways to help skin glow, however, which we can all apply to our daily routine.

Get enough sleep: If you don’t get enough sleep, it lowers your circulation. That’s why we can look washed out when we’ve not slept well. When you’re asleep, your body is busy renewing cells, so make the most of this vital time. Use nutrient-packed products that are full of hydrating ingredients. Aim to get at least seven hours sleep each night to really benefit – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

Drink enough water: Did you know that our skin is nearly 90% water? That’s what gives skin its flexibility and strength. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, and helps clear away toxins. During the day we lose about a pint of water, so it’s essential to put that back in. Take regular sips of water throughout the day, and aim to drink the recommended amount of eight glasses per day – more if it’s hot or you’re active. You can flavour water naturally with berries or mint if you find pure water too plain.

Moisturise: There are many external factors that can cause your skin to become dry and lose its glow. Pollution, weather, heating and cooling systems, and certain detergents can all play their part in breaking down our skin’s natural protective barriers. Use lotions and creams that lock in moisture and nutrients and they’ll help bring that dewy glow back to your skin. Apply moisturiser at night and in the morning straight after washing your face, while it’s still damp, to retain as much hydration as possible.

Protect your skin: You’ll also want to protect all parts of exposed skin when you leave home. This includes using products with sunscreen, and ensuring your lips are covered. Petroleum jelly works perfectly by creating a barrier and locking in moisture. If you’re wondering about petroleum jelly dangers, it is not only safe but protective too. There are no known common petroleum jelly side effects, so you can put the question about petroleum jelly dangers out of your mind and use it with confidence.

Keep clean: It makes sense that clean skin has more chance of glowing, so use a cleanser twice daily to remove dirt, oil and makeup. Occasional exfoliation can also help clear pores and remove dead skin cells that might be dulling your complexion. But it’s not only your skin that needs to be kept clean – it’s your beauty tools too. Your make-up sponges and brushes collect bacteria and dirt, and this can cause breakouts. Wash them regularly in lukewarm water with a couple of drops of shampoo or cleanser, then pat them dry and leave to air dry.

Avoid the heat: That’s specifically hot water. Hot showers strip the skin of its natural oils, and can also cause blood vessels to dilate in an attempt to cool down your skin. This results in flushed skin that looks ruddy and loses its glow. Stick with lukewarm temperatures – or even better, cool water – and your skin will be more likely to glow.

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