Another year, another set of important decisions to make. But no decision is more important than how you plan on deciding how to view your beauty.   

Will you let other people (tastemakers, influencers, models, etc.) decide how you should perceive your beauty and your body, or will you say enough is enough — no more letting other people dictate how you should view your own beauty.

This year is different… This year, you’re going to define your sense of beauty in your own way. It may feel like an overwhelming and arduous task at first, but with enough patience and vision, you’ll soon be able to see that it’s not as difficult as you might’ve originally thought. All you have to do is follow these two simple steps.

Step 1: Think About How You Define Beauty

We’ve been wired to think about beauty as what we see in the movies and on the TV screens, but sometimes beauty is more about what’s on the inside — and that starts with improving your confidence.

Think about how you define the concept of beauty. Why does it always have to be so heavily centered on the outside, why not the inside? Maybe start dissecting those ideas as you embark on your journey to embracing your beautiful self.

The point of questioning your thought process when it comes to beauty is to evaluate what’s true in your heart, and what you know to be false. It’s about separating your own perception of beauty from all the ideas implanted in your mind from your environment.

If you can think about beauty differently, you can see beauty differently as well.

Step 2: Look the Way You Want to Feel

This step may sound complex but it actually makes a lot of sense. Once you’ve uncovered that beauty is all about how you feel, then you should look how you want to feel. It’s basically a timeless beauty hack.

For example, let’s say you want to feel happy. Well, when you pick out your outfit, you should want it to represent your happiness. You would also want to do this so that if you (whatever reason) weren’t feeling happy, or if you were having a rough day, you could theoretically look in the mirror and see exactly how you should feel.

This all has to do with the energy you take in and the energy you put out. If you feel like you’re in a tough state of mind, then maybe wear a black leather jacket and rock your red lipstick. In other words, look how you feel.

If you want to go to the club and turn up and look exotic, then throw on your eyelash extension products and put yourself out there for the world to see.


The world is an unforgiving place, and it can be quite ironic at times. We think, for example, that if we push ourselves to feel a certain way, we’ll just feel it.

Wise individuals who’ve gone through spiritual journeys of defining their own concept of beauty know better. They know that life doesn’t let you feel things because you want to feel them. On the contrary, you have to work to feel that sense of relief and joy.

In terms of comprehending beauty in your terms, in your way, you have to first analyze why you think of beauty in the way you do. Who were you influenced by? Who taught you what beauty looks like?

Then, you have to make strict decisions about how you want to look. Once you’re able to define beauty in your own frame of thinking, you can match your presentation to that conceptualization. After that, you’ll have the capacity to take over the whole scene, one outfit at a time!

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