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The latest revolution to make an impact in the culinary world has been the ever-increasing preference for vegan food. What was passed off initially as a trend that wouldn’t last long, vegan restaurants are popping up across the planet regularly. Many others have started offering vegan dishes on their menus. The growing sense of fair-trade and environment protection has also been one of the reasons for the rise of this new cuisine.

Vegan food has over the last decade proved its importance by incorporating a healthy lifestyle that reflects not just on humans but for life in general. Ingredients such as chia, olive oil, cucumber and other foods for healthier skin are common in vegan preparations. Organic products further affect the body in a positive manner leading to overall mental and physical wellbeing. Issues related to animal cruelty take a backseat with veganism, and in fact, fruits and vegetables are also ethically sourced. The most surprising aspect though is that vegan food has caught up in places like India where vegetarianism was already a significant part of society. A new-age of socially conscious entrepreneurs are now educating and sharing alternatives to what we have been conditioned to eat over the years. A change is coming, slowly, but steadily.

Greenr Café – Delhi NCR

The success of Greenr Café is evident by the fact that they already have two outlets in the Delhi NCR region and both are hot favourites with those looking for vegetarian, vegan, or other special diet foods. The idea behind the menu of the café comes from the Californian way of living and eating which is often considered the birthplace of vegan food in its present somewhat hipster avatar. Greenr Café offers some of the best pizzas in town, and their earth-bowls are to die for. The most exciting aspect of eating at Greenr Café is that the food here celebrates local ingredients and the flavours of the dishes have been modified to appeal to the Indian palate.

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Carrots – Bengaluru

Labelled as “India’s first vegan restaurant”, Carrots in Bengaluru has been pushing culinary boundaries ever since it started. The restaurant, through its innovative menu, showcases the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Recently, there has been debate over the basics of being vegan, and while there exist some contradicting theories, the bottom line is that veganism is a healthier option for the mind, body, soul, and the environment. Eating at Carrots is a journey into the many textures of various ingredients with interesting flavours and refreshing presentations. The menu is a food lover’s dream comprising of different cuisines with classics like pizza, pasta, and burgers listed alongside raw food and in-house specials. However, no meal at Carrots is complete without their finger-licking Tiramisu which is simply divine.    

Bean Me Up – Goa

Bean Me Up in Goa is not just a restaurant, but a full-fledged destination. The ideal place to have a vegan meal, it doubles up as a Bed and Breakfast and also a space to practice yoga. Shaded by tall trees, the restaurant is popular with the young and old. An evening spent at Bean Me Up is never without excitement as events take place here at regular intervals and the food is an eclectic mix of Asian bowls, salads, pizzas, homemade ice-cream, and smoothie boosters.

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