Sometimes, you just need to spend some time with someone else, away from the daily grind and the interfering eyes of other people. You need some time of your own together with a certain someone, and you want to be able to really test and strengthen the bonds of the relationship between you. Why not try a holiday?

Maybe you want to jetset off with your partner, maybe you and your best friend haven’t had much time together recently, maybe you and your sister are too old for the get along shirt – whatever the reason you want or need to bond with someone, there’s nothing like a good adventure to help you out. So here’s a few of the best travels you can go on to really get to know the other person coming with you.

A great opportunity to stage one of those cliff falling pictures to really prove how far you’ve both come! (Image)

Make Sure You Have Some Down Time

The first thing to be sure of, before you go away with someone you really need to work on your bond with, is that the holiday you’ve got picked out has some down time to it. You don’t always want to be out on your feet, talking to locals and sightseeing some wondrous monuments; you want to be able to sit down by the hotel pool together with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face.

After a long day, it’s moments like these that really let you solidify the bonding you two have done together. You can talk about the day, and your favourite parts, and even tease each other in an unusually friendly manner.

Find a Place You Both Want to Go

If you’ve got a place on the books that the two of you have always wanted to go to, it’s going to be a lot easier to be in a friendly mood towards the other person. So if you and your slightly estranged sister have both wanted to hit up Vatican City, guess what you’re going to be booking online next?

You can make some really positive memories with each other when you’ve got a destination that means a lot to the both of you meeting you in the middle.

Try Something That’ll Test Your Spirits

You want to create a good bond between you and your partner, seeing as you haven’t had any proper time together for a long while now – well, instead of spending it all cuddled up on the sofa, it’s time to get your hearts pounding. What adventure could you go on?

Well, you could try something arranged by Kandoo Adventures? Whether you’re both adrenaline junkies, or you want to really test the trust between the two of you, supporting each other on an up close and personal Safari through the African plains might just be the option for you!

If you’re looking to bond with someone, make sure you’re booking a holiday with them in mind.

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