K-pop singers have a certain sex appeal of their own. Even if they don’t compete with the likes of Jason Momoa, they still have legions of fans. What is so sexy about them and are there any general tips and tricks we can learn, regardless of gender?

Porcelain skin

The trademark of Korean idols is youthful, perfect, flawless white skin. This comes from a tradition of valuing perfect features and is a revolution against the tanning mania of the west. No wonder that some of the best skincare brands come from Korea.

Even if they use makeup, it is natural, and it enhances the fairness of the complexion and gives a fresh look. Some color accents are welcome, as a way to show a bit of rebellion.

The takeaway is to take care of your skin and avoid the sun, invest in good, moisturizing sunscreen.

Fit body, fitted clothes

All K-pop idols don’t look older than 20, although some are still in high school while others have hit their 30’s. Their biggest appeal is this youthfulness, which they achieve by following strict exercise routines that give them a sculptured body. Since it would be a shame to hide such a masterpiece, the next step is to dress in fitted clothes which hug the body in all the right places.

If you want to look younger for longer, don’t be afraid to hit the gym or even workout at home, at least for 30-40 minutes a day.


All K pop idols are in love with accessories. Their style is very gender fluid; they wear luscious earrings and corporate ties. Some of them are huge fans of glasses sunglasses. The most pretentious choose the Asian fit eyewear which offers slight modifications like more comfortable frames and paddings to match and enhance their facial features.

You can let the k pop vibe inspire you and break all the rules when it comes to mixing and matching your accessories. Add some glitter, wear animal-print glasses or go wild with different bracelets.

Hair and eyebrows

Some K-pop singers look like they are mermaids or unicorns when it comes to their hairstyles. The green, blue, and pink hair trends might have started with a Korean idol. We are not advising you to get something so extreme unless you are mentally prepared for the stares you will get. However, you can still play a bit. There are a lot of wash-off products you can try to see if the neon hair suits you.

When it comes to eyebrows, they choose natural shapes with a straight trimming, which also makes them look younger and with studied carelessness.

Even if you are not a K-pop fan, we hope we’ve inspired you to update your style with a few ideas from these emerging idols. To summarize is all about being youthful, fit, wearing things that are flattering for your body and not being afraid to experiment with hair and accessories.

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