Walking into a knitting store for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. All the beautiful needles and fancy yarns can tempt you to pick almost anything you see. But be careful and only pick a few knitting supplies especially if you have are still new in the knitting world. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on things you might not even use. The truth is that your first project can still become a success even if you don’t have a lot of expensive materials. A discount store will stock most if not all of the things you will need to knit at a discounted price. You can also find high-quality items at most of the craft stores.

You will need these basic things to get started:

  • Yarn
  • A pair of scissors
  • A crochet hook
  • Needles

Yarn as a Major Item in Your Knitting Supplies

People are attracted to knitting because of all the eye-catching and colorful yarns available. You don’t need to spend so much to purchase these yarns. But on the other extreme, don’t also go for cheap yarns as these are prone to become starchy and prove to be very uncomfortable when working. The completed project will also feel scratchy.

The yarn you will select will depend on the kind of project you have in mind. Things to put into consideration are how much yarn you need, the amount of weight of the yarn to be used, if you are comfortable working with novelty yarn and if there is a specific fiber you want to use.

After you have decided on the yarn to use for your project, you can then head to a local craft shop or knitting store that sells knitting supplies and let your fingers do the job for you. Feel free to touch all the various yarns displayed and be sure to select the one that best fits your preference. Choose a yarn that not only looks good but also feels good. This ensures you end up with an item that feels soft on the skin as you wear it.


It is understandable if you prefer to save money when buying needles for your initial project. From Rosewood to aluminum there is a lot of options when it comes to choosing needles materials. You can choose from a variety of beautiful needles if you are going to be doing knitting projects for a long time. A knitting store will have all the sizes of needles you want including m or plastic needles. Don’t forget to check for the pattern instruction in order to confirm which needle size to use.

Perhaps it can be quite annoying to buy needles each time you work on a different project. But this is just the truth about this craft. You will always need a particular set of needles to work on a different project.

Just test various needles and see which ones you like. For example, if you want to make a chunky scarf you can try to work with a bamboo needle size 11. For a simple washcloth, try to use a metal pair in size 7. After you have tested out different materials, you will be able to know which one you prefer more than the other.

Do You Have a Knitting Journal?

Most knitters may not take this seriously but record keeping is an important part of the project. Start your project with a knitting journal. This does not have to be so complex. Just a spiral notebook will be fine to jot down these details:

  • The kind of project you were working on
  • The needles you used and the store where you purchased them
  • The color, brand, and type of yarn used
  • Any issues that arose with the pattern
  • Where you got the pattern
  • Lessons learned from the project
  • Notes on how you like the patterns
  • A picture of the completed project  

Other Necessary Tools

Although yarn and needles are the main tools vital for the completion of a project, there will also be a couple of more things that are still needed. The excess yarn will be cut off using a pair of scissors. Sometimes a simple pair of school scissors will work just fine. You can also find a pair of knitting scissors at knitting stores. Regardless of the type of scissors you choose, you will still be able to nick out a piece of yarn.

Another important tool you will need is sewing needles. You will need them when you want to weave in the ends of your knitting project. You will also need needles to join together pieces of your garments such as putting an arm to your knitted sweater. There are two types of needles; plastic and metal and you will find needles that can work with either of these types. Both are fine to use but you better choose plastic if there are children around your knitting space to avoid accidents.

When the needles have large eyes the yarn will easily pass through them. You will find these labeled as yarn or tapestry needles. These come in large sizes compared to the normal sewing needles. They thus do not get lost easily. But you can still lose them just when you are about to finish your project. So, it is advisable to have a pack of two or three just in case.

Importance of Crochet Hooks

You might be wondering if there is any need to have crochet hooks. A crochet hook can prove to be an invaluable tool if you the ends of your yarn are too short. The hook can also be a useful tool if you mistakenly rip off a piece of knitwear.

These simple tools will make your project run smoothly. As you advance, you will need more tools to add to your toolkit but these basics tools will be fine.

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