In making your place organized and clean it is very important to use specific things for specific purposes. By doing such you are not only practicing being neat, you are also maintaining proper hygiene. One of the most common things being ignored by people when it comes to proper hygiene is the use of a single bath towel. Although it is economical to use only one piece of cloth, it can actually compromise your health. One of the leading causes of acne problems and pimple breakouts is by using a single towel for the face and the body. Just imagine using a towel to dry your body and then use it again to your face.

Although towels come in really handy there is a better way to make things cleaner and functional. The use of plush robes is now often recommended instead of using plain bathroom towels. The thing about using it is that it serves the same purpose as using the towel because of its based material. However, it offers greater comfort since it can be worn and wrapped around your body with an ease. You can use it directly after shower to cover your body, and at the same time it dries you up. It comes with a belt to secure its place and to prevent it from falling off.

Yes, plush robe can’t actually be used to wrap your hair after shower but it allows you to move freely right after shower unlike the usual towels. Since it is a robe you can actually use a small towel to dry your hair without being naked at all. Also, you can drink your coffee or do other things before changing into your desired clothes. Wearing plush robes is far more presentable and you can actually walk around your house while wearing it without being embarrassed even it front of other people or guests.  

There are other bath robes that are actually made from satin. It has a glossy appearance and is really light weight. It dries out quickly even without the use of a drier. It is even used during events where women would usually want to have their make-up done before changing clothes so that it won’t ruin their precious look. Robes that are made from satin looked really great in photos because of its flashy and glossy feature, however if you are thinking of using it on a daily basis after bath, it is actually not the best choice. Although it may serve the same purpose because it has the same design with the plush robe, the thing is, it cannot absorb so much moisture. You will experience drippings on your floor even if you use it right after coming out of the shower.

When compared, satin and plush differ greatly in terms of the ability to absorb moisture and to keep a person warm. When using a robe made from satin, you need to dry yourself first using a towel and then put on the robe as your cover. So, it actually defeats the purpose of using of less stuff as much as possible. Meanwhile with a plush robe, you can just wear it right away and you don’t have to worry about drippings or excess water because it will just absorb all that moisture and the same time keep you warm inside.

A plush robe is usually made from synthetic fibers or materials that are good in absorbing moisture. Unlike regular towels, a plush material is softer and more absorbent. Although washing it may require some effort it dries out quickly. You can wash this material as often as you wash your towel. The best thing to do about it is to hang it after using so that the moisture that it absorbed can readily evaporate and it will just dry out on its own. If you haven’t tried washing such kind of material, there are always care instructions on how to do it and how you can keep it in shape as you use it through time.

Since everybody would love to have plush robe it can be a good idea for a gift. It is very functional and you are sure that the person whom you will give it will surely be able to use it. It comes in different designs with varying sizes. There are robes intended for men and women and even for kids. There are also some products that comes with a matching towel if you wish to have it in pair. Moreover, to make things more adorable, there are also robes that are intended for couples and families. They come in matching designs with different sizes for men and women and their kids as well. Usually the price would range on the type of material used. When it comes to color, white is often used in hotels to compliment the color of the interior and at the same time to elicit the idea of being neat and tidy. However white ones are actually a bit hard to maintain. Residue from a shower like soap and shampoo can actually make a material discolor or even stain it with prolonged exposure. And also, of all other colors, dirt is most noticeable in a white background. The best option that you have is to use dark and strong colors where dirt and discoloration won’t appear that obvious at all.

Just like any other material, there are proper ways to care for a plush robe. Since it is prone from wear and tear, it is important that you know and follow the care instructions. Also, aside from being really functional and light weight, a plush material will always have some weak points or disadvantages. The thing about this kind of material is it is prone to have tangles or fluff over time especially the ones that are made from cheap materials. It can also be deformed through time with frequent washing. Since it’s really fluffy and soft when it is new, you should expect it to become hard and less absorbent after everyday use.

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