If you’re an aspiring model, knowing how and where to start your modeling career is important. It can be a challenge to find a modeling agency that can give you a great modeling job. Aside from having a beautiful face and a well-proportioned figure, you must be willing to dedicate your time, research, and create your road map to have a glamorous career. By doing so, you can become a professional and successful model someday.

You’ll find a bunch of good modelling agencies in London, that’ll provide training and development for aspiring models like you. However, there’s also some modelling agencies that are fly-by-night, so these types of agencies should be avoided. Don’t fall in the trap of model recruiters who are illegally operating, uttering sweet words and making too good to be true promises.

In this post, you’ll learn how to find a modeling agency in the UK so it will be easier for you to penetrate the modeling industry with confidence and readiness. Let’s get started!

1. Find a Legitimate Modelling Agency

While you can find legitimate agencies on yellow pages and online, it’s crucial to discern if a modelling agency is legitimate or not to avoid ill contracts, pay disputes, and unfair or harsh treatment. It will also prevent exposing yourself to illegal activities or criminal acts involving fraud or scam and sexual exploitation.

Here are some tips in determining whether a modelling agency is legitimate or not:

  • A good modelling agency will never ask money for a registration or membership fee or for any intended purpose up front.
  • Don’t work with a modelling agency claiming that you need to pay for your modelling lessons.
  • A legitimate modelling agency adds a commission to the number of earnings you make for you to repay the agency through that method.
  • The modelling agency should be the one to make your portfolio and arrange accommodations if you’re working and traveling.
  • Be skeptical if the modelling agency claims to be working with international clients.
  • It’s a yellow flag if the modelling agency boasts about their projects and clients.

2. Find Reputable Modelling Agencies Online

Google reviews can help you check what people, specifically models, are saying about the modelling agency. Many modelling agencies in London also have their website. You can visit it to view and assess all the information about a particular modelling agency. You’ll find model and client testimonials, which will give you a good idea of how the agency operates and treats their models.

Also, you have to check the following:

  • Photography of the model
  • Contact information
  • Website security
  • Company details
  • Mission and vision

3. Get In Touch with Models

Take a look at the roster of the modelling agency. See if you know some models or popular models who have worked in the industry and check if they’re signed. Better modelling agencies have lots of models working plenty of jobs under their roster. Stick with high fashion and runway agencies if you have no idea who is working in their roster.

Here’s how:

  • Visit a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Enter and search the name of a few models you know that the modelling agency brags about who are currently working under their roster.
  • Check any comment or information about the model mentioning the name of the modelling agency on any of the posts.
  • Check if any photos bear the signature or logo of the modelling agency.
  • Message the model to confirm the claims of the modelling agency.

4. Show Your Portfolio

If you want to get noticed by the best and legitimate modelling agencies in London, you need to prepare a great portfolio. Let your portfolio be your magnet to attract recruiters and send you a notification that they’re interested in hiring you. You can present your portfolio to your prospective modelling agencies through online channels, modelling events, or by visiting the physical address of the agency. Show your portfolio on social media and tag reputable modelling agencies.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your portfolio before showing it to your prospective clients or modelling agencies:

  • Take your measurements. Modeling jobs and agencies seek particular types of models, so it’s important for you to have a clear understanding of your physical attributes. Aspiring women models should take waist, hips, and chest measurement, and so as the weight and height.
  • Emphasize the type of modelling job you want to pursue based on your headshots. Check tutorial videos to learn how to apply beautiful makeup or hire a professional makeup artist to make you look stunning in your headshots. Hire a reputable and professional photographer specializing in model photography. You’ll also get honest comments and an expert advice to become better.
  • Create composite cards, similar to a business card, which is a great marketing tool that clients and agencies will keep as a good reference for you. It’s a single page 5 x 7 inches card (or 8.5 x 11 full sheet) with your headshot and several photos, including your vital statistics and personal qualities found on the back.
  • Create a digital portfolio. It comes in a flash drive or a DVD which is a useful investment if you’re interested in modeling on a catwalk or for television. Include video footage of your previous modeling experience and your walk will take you far.

5. Beware of Dealing with Prepay Agencies

There are modelling agencies, called prepay agencies, who attempt to get money from potential models upfront to pay for marketing materials and make a profit. Also, there are legitimate agencies who don’t want to take a risk even if you have modelling potential by paying for anything on your behalf. If you’re in London, remember that building a portfolio shouldn’t cost you too much.


Aside from building your portfolio, doing extensive research about the modelling agency, and taking precautionary steps to avoid sham agencies, it’s also important to have a positive approach and sunny personality. You’ll be able to find the right modelling agency for you by having excellent communication skills, being friendly to fellow models to get referrals, and courteous to prospect modelling agencies and clients to show your professionalism. All of these will help you succeed in finding the best agency so you can start your colorful modeling career.