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Uppada Jamdani saree is made of silk. It’s woven in Uppada, East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Its roots are in Persia where the name Jamdani has a Persian terminology where ‘jam’ means flower and ‘dani’ means vase. As the name suggests most of the designs on these Uppada Jamdani sarees are floral motifs inspired by Persian art. The Jamdani style of weaving originally came from Bangladesh in the 18th Century. It takes around 10-60 days and 2-3 weavers each working 10 hours daily to weave an original Uppada saree. This whole process makes this saree quite expensive.

The saree is made using pure lace that has silver zari coated with melted gold and fine silk. This beautiful saree is hand woven and its designs include leaves, geometrical patterns, flowers and many more. The Uppada Jamdani saree is lightweight and the unique thing about this saree is that the designs are woven on both sides of the fabric. There are two styles of weaving the Jamdani saree; the Butidar which has floral patterns all over the body of the fabric and Tercha which has diagonal floral patterns on the fabric border also known as Jhalar.

The Uppada Jamdani saree is most loved and admired for its beautiful designs. Here are some of the beautiful Uppada Jamdani saree designs you might want to add to your saree collection.

Multi-coloured plain Uppada pattu saree

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This beautiful saree has more than one colour with beautiful patterns on the border that gives it a very attractive feature. The many colour applications that come with this saree gives you an alluring look. It has very attractive border patterns that are quite impressive.

Half and half Uppada saree

Here we have a beautiful saree with two colours of pink and beige cream colors. The pink colour on this saree has an attractive feature that makes this saree stand out. You can pair this saree with a half-sleeved blouse with a plain zari border to give you a stunning look. The beautiful colour combination is what makes this Uppada saree special.

Handmade Uppada saree

This is an original and the best Uppada saree you can own from stylecaret. The material used and the woven designs make this saree pretty amazing. It has intricate and unique designs on the front side and the borders. This saree will make you look your best at any event you wear it and be the envy of the other people.

Simple Jamdani Uppada saree

An Uppada saree that many women will love to wear. It sports beautiful patch design patterns on the lower section and on the borders. The feel of the fabric combined with the exquisite designs on it is something that you will love to wear.

Big pallu Uppada saree

This alluring blue coloured saree has intricate patterns woven in the middle with borders decorated with different colours. This unique and interesting designer saree is preferred by many women who want to feel good when wearing a saree.

Uppada center buta saree

Beautiful floral buta patterns make this beautiful saree stand out. The saree has buta patterns on the pallu and the bottom section which makes it very attractive. You can wear this Uppada saree to any event and still look stylish and elegant.

Uppada pattu saree

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If you like to make style statements with the saree you wear to an event then this Uppada saree is one of them. It has a beautiful colour combination of dual toned pink and green with a rich golden zari border. The checked golden zari that is running all around the saree gives it an elegant look.

Uppada cotton saree

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This pure Uppada cotton saree is multi-coloured. This stunning piece sports beautiful hues of violet and pink with a golden zari border. This Uppada cotton saree has an ikkat woven pallu and is a slightly lower priced version of the Uppada saree.

Plain Uppada pattu saree

If you are going for a simple yet regal looking saree then this stunning violet Uppada saree is the perfect piece. It’s unique and long zari border makes you stand out from the crowd and its plain contrasting pallu gives it a beautiful look. You can wear this saree to festivals or religious events.

Brown casual Uppada saree

What impresses people so much about this saree is the attractive traditional design done on the pallu. This is the perfect saree to wear during the hot summer months. It has alluring designs that are very eye-catching.

Uppada checked saree

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This lovely pure hand loomed saree has elegant checks that make it perfect to wear to an important event or a party. This saree sports a half and half design where the top section has orange and pink checks while the bottom section has a bottle green colour. The colours in this saree blend well together to give it a stunning look.

Alavar Uppada saree

This is an extremely attractive saree that you can sport to a special occasion. This saree sports a beautiful floral pattern that has an alluring appeal and one that many women will love to wear.

Black and golden lines Uppada saree

Many women love gold or black coloured saree to give them a classy look. This trendy and classy Uppada saree sports a golden base colour with black stripes. This saree has a way of drawing you to it and making you fall in love with it.

Pink light Uppada buta saree

This light Uppada saree will best suit women with fair skin tone. It gives you an extremely attractive look and helps you to stand out in a crowd. The intricate design patterns done on this saree adds to the beauty of the saree.

Cream and black Uppada cotton saree

The alluring design patterns done on this saree are quite impressive. The cream and black colours on this Uppada cotton saree are a beautiful mix of colours that you can easily wear and accessorize.


Uppada sarees go through a painstaking hand weaving process to produce the best quality sarees that cannot be produced elsewhere.

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