For many people, dentures or bridges just aren’t suitable solutions when it comes to false teeth. Bridges, for example, can only be fitted if the tooth either side of the gap is in top condition. Dentures are unsuitable for anyone who might have sore patches in their mouth, or for individuals who don’t like the uncertainty surrounding denture use: will they come unstuck when I laugh or sneeze? Does this meal contain a food that might be difficult to manage with dentures? If you’ve lost one or more teeth and would like to enjoy healthy-looking, low maintenance alternatives, have you considered implants?

Implants are false teeth which are attached either directly to a titanium spike which has been inserted into the jaw bone, or false teeth which rest on a crown, which then attaches to a spike. The implant process consists of at least two stages: the holes have to be drilled in the jaw and the titanium screws inserted, then, once healing is complete, the false tooth needs to be fixed to the screw in order to provide a natural looking result. Single teeth can be implanted, or several teeth together – it all depends on what’s going to be best for you and your mouth.

Can anyone have dental implants?

The dental surgeon will examine you carefully and take a detailed medical history before deciding on the type of treatment which will be most appropriate. In some cases, implants may be contraindicated: for example, if you have medical conditions which result in slow healing, implants may not be right for you. When you opt for dental implants in Turkey, our specialists are able to offer a number of different interventions which can be customised to your individual needs. Fully qualified and experienced, dental surgeons use top-quality equipment and sophisticated modern methods, making the implant process as straight-forward and comfortable as possible.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

In comparison with other forms of dental intervention, dental implants require far less day-to-day maintenance. Although there is a need to keep the mouth scrupulously clean, particularly immediately following implant procedures, once healing has occurred, the implant can be treated in the same sort of way as any other tooth. An implant ensures the false tooth is firmly attached to the jaw, enabling it to be used naturally with little risk of failure. In addition, implants look virtually identical to natural teeth.

Why use us for your dental implants?

The cost of implants in the UK is generally prohibitive. Due to the exchange rate, it’s much cheaper to get your dental implants in Turkey at clinics such as Vera Clinic. We offer a high-grade, professional service that gives our patients the premium dental treatment they need for a highly competitive price. Our friendly team are all looking forward to the opportunity to transform your smile with one or more implants. Interpreters are available if you are concerned about the language barrier and we do our very best to provide accurate travel advice for anyone visiting us from abroad.