Hello, Cupcakes!
How are you all doing? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. So much have changed, not just around me but within me. Before I start talking about deep stuff, let’s talk about our BEAUTY world.

The Beauty Blogging world has seen so much progress, success, money and DRAMA! Have you guys following any YouTube Beauty Gurus recently, I haven’t. The use of influencers/celebrities as a marketing medium shows no signs of slowing down. This industry has adopted this tactic more fervently than any other. Influencer marketing on social media has become one of the most important ways to build brand awareness and helps to bring their products to life.

Although my life is super busy with coding and other stuff, I’m constantly thinking much much deeper things about life and worrying about acne and pores are not in my list now. Still, it bothers me a lot when I don’t pay enough attention to my skincare routine. But my readers have always loved my honest opinions about everything and so I think it is very important for me to be in regular touch with them. I don’t want to just keep promising about big things but do some work here to gain their love and support back again. I think today Beauty Industry need GOOD people with honest opinions or maybe consumers need SIMPLE people with TRUE experiences to share. That’s why I think I need to be here, I’m in my head always THE saviour :D

Talking about this industry, with around half of beauty buyers following their favourite brands on social media, there’s still the glossy opportunity for brands to directly engage with buyers— alongside the influencer marketing approach. 

For me, I’m seriously thinking on reviewing products that I believe in and products I think are worth your hard own money. If you want to help me to share some real views on real products take this survey and let me know what you want. As always I’ll be available on all social media platforms to answer your questions.

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