Lip Mask Yes or No ?

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This blog will always be committed to share best new products and what is not working for me. All opinions will be mine and yours. If I’m advertising any product, I’ll definitely mention it.

Now coming back to this product review this is a creamy lip-mask with the slightest viscosity. It has an orange tint to it which disappears as you spread it on the skin and it has a somewhat melon fragrance which is not added and probably comes straight from the potent ingredients. The fragrance stays for about 10 minutes on your lips but its not strong overpowering. After application you can see a definite sheen/glow that appears on the lips almost like you applied a transparent lipgloss.

How I Apply this product?

I’ve tried number of ways, sometimes I keep it overnight for deep hydration and sometimes I apply this in the daytime when my lips are super dry and then wipe it off less than 30 minutes later. Once the dead skin comes off, I reapply to keep my lips moisturized when needed!

Overall, this product makes a difference if you have dry lips. I would recommend this to everyone with dry lips.

If you have used this product kindly rate it, or let me know which is your favorite lip mask.

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