We all do it, buy a dozen lipsticks in the same shade range. Then wonder why do we buy same shades and the end up buying some more. We’re drawn to the same colors because we like the way they brighten up our face. We’re also drawn to the same colors because we assume this would be the One deep down. We’re still on the lipstick search which will change our entire look and life. Your dream lipstick shade could be anywhere in the world in a magical department store.

I enjoy mixing liners, glosses, and lipsticks, to create the exciting new colors, it is my biggest and best kept secret in my makeup game. When mixing two of more colors make sure you know the formula very well. Each formula can be different and sometimes mixing two different formulas can ruin this lipcolor game. You can also follow a order if you are playing with two formulas. The order in which the formulas are laid is essential, and I will clarify the following order.

Lip liners are a wonderful, completely underrated product that helps to define the lip or add dimension to the lip. Most cosmetics consumers with lip liners discount. You think the liner should exactly suit the lipstick, or the liner should be darker than the lipstick colour. It can feel uncomfortable. Let me tell you why! Let me tell you! Lip liner is a lifetime product that completes the make-up jar. This is a durable and priced product. The advantage is that lip liners contain more wax than lipsticks. Wax increases the staying power of your lipstick and protects your lipstick.

So if you are applying different formulas, first base will be the matte or liquid lipstick. Then layer it with satin creme lipstick and last comes the gloss. After each layer make sure you use my 4 step rule, i.e. Apply, brush, dust, apply — these four steps can turn your typical lip color application into a long-lasting wonder. Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, lightly dust translucent powder, and then apply again. This is my long lasting lipstick magic.

For this look I mixed three lip colors: purple, pink and brown. There is no rule when experimenting with this look. Simply start with the darkest color as the base color (preferably matte formula) keep layering until you think you got you desired color. That’s it !

I recommend that you play with layering colors and formulas on the back of your hand or arm in front of your face. Get a sense of how the colors and formulas work together after layering. If you have an orange-red lipstick, you’ll be shocked how aggressive it looks and blends well with a dark purple liner. Or consider combining a variety of pinks and reds together to make the most stunning pink shade for the fall. The number of shades you will create will blow your MIND ! Try it !



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