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You can’t skip pages of your story, that’s not how it works. You have to read every word and every line of every page, meet every character. Not all pages will make you smile, not all lines will give you happiness. Some chapters will be boring as hell and some will make you cry for days. But you have to keep going. Stories make this planet beautiful. You have one and the world needs to know…

Welcome to this new world of quarantine ! This is a unique tale which some of you may be interested in telling the future generation. I don’t know about you all but I’m eagerly waiting for the day when my grandchildren will be laughing on me when I tell them how PLANET EARTH was shut down and how one year was cancelled due to a virus.

Whether you are from New York or from Missouri, whether you are from Australia or from India, each one of you has a unique story about this new world of quarantine. All those who are staying home and not going out are true heroes and not to forget our super heroes DOCTORS who are fighting this 3rd World War and saving lives.

We all are stuck home and are almost in same situation, but I feel like we all are surrounded by different people. We all have unique mind, which is loaded with past thoughts and somewhere we all due to this mind get power to react to different circumstances differently. So why not share your story and inspire others. It can be about your breakdown or it can be about argument with your family members, it can be anything. It can be inspiring or can be funny, but most importantly it will be yours and that’s why it will be so interesting.

I just want to know what is your story. How you faced challenges in this quarantine life, what changes you made that helped you to overcome those challenges. Maybe your story will help someone. Maybe your story will make someone laugh. Send me your story and if you want to get featured on our Instagram, send your coolest picture.

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