• This maybelline blender is precisely designed to fit all angles of the face
  • Made from a soft material that cushions the skin
  • Multi-functional makeup blending sponge
  • Durable and washable blender sponge

Maybelline’s Facestudio Blender will soon become your most trusted makeup tool. This makeup blending sponge is made from a soft material sponge that cushions the skin, while the curved design makes it easy to fit all contours of the face.

Step 1. Thoroughly wet makeup blender and squeeze out excess water. 
Step 2. Bounce and blend on skin for seamless application. Use curved side to blend hard to reach areas with concealer. Use the wide end to blend larger areas of the face with foundation or contour product.

Number of Pieces: 1

Material: Latex

Beauty Purpose: Blending

Care and Cleaning: Clean with Water

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