Fashion season 2017 has exploded with the newest trends, which have been presented in Paris, New York, London, and Milan.

In this season, incompatible things are combined! So, both the strip and the floral and graphic prints are simultaneously relevant. Boyfriend jeans and oversize clothes are just as fancy as elegant flared trousers. In the beauty sphere, naturalness holds the first place. Nude makeup, long, slicked back hair, messy braids and unexpected ombre hair ideas are offered to be considered by fashionistas.

However, this spring is the right time to stand out! Do it through bright accents in makeup and hair. For instance, try blush bombs, bold lips, sparkling metallic eyes, vibrant eyeshadows, much glitter and extraordinary hair adornments, which put an emphasis on the ears.

These trends have been picked up by famous models, actresses and beauty bloggers. Nevertheless, not all of these trends are applicable to the everyday life, so if you want to be trendy, you should be selective.

Check out these smashing tendencies and include them into your daily life. Wear them with fierce confidence and rock the world!


Stripes will complement any look and they’ll bring out your self-confidence and sexuality. Both vertical and horizontal stripes are in demand. You may go for an oversize striped pullover or the floor length pants and combine them with a semi-transparent blouse or a bright skirt.

Depending on additional details and accessories, you can create both an elegant image and a careless casual look. The undoubted plus of the stripes is that they can visually adjust your figure. Vertical stripes will make it slimmer, and horizontal can add volume where it is needed.

Graphic Prints

A trendy pick for daring women is a graphic printed T-shirt or a sweater. Such famous designers as Givenchy and Kenzo are all about this stunning design. Many beauty bloggers and models have been spotted wearing extraordinary printed T-shirts. If you are obsessed with a graphic print, then there are so many opportunities to have fun with it!

Make up an urban look, combining the print with boyfriend jeans or shorts. Also, you may match the print on print or keep it plain and leave it as an accent. If you decide to have a sassy look, then mix prints, for instance, with an unusual skirt.

Besides, if you add vivid accessories such as a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a clutch bag, you’ll definitely make a statement!

Elegant Pumps

Fashion is cyclical, but there are things, which are always relevant. One of them is pumps. They add elegance to any image and wearing them, you always feel confident.

Despite the fact that they are elegant, you may make them a part of an offbeat look. For example, combine them with boyfriend jeans, a vibrant T-shirt, and a leather biker jacket. A dope look is ready!

Abundance of Glitter

Spring is a perfect time to shine! Fendi and DKNY choose dramatic glitter lips as the part of an impressive look. Not to overload the image and not to look cheesy, create only one accent on the face. Also, you may combine glitter with another win-win option – eyeliner wings.

Besides, lips are not the only place where glitter may be put. Metallic eye shadows can be a perfect partner for natural makeup and slicked back hair.

Vortex Hair Buns

The variant, suggested by Chanel, is a perfect option for a formal event. A sleek bun with a side part makes any look sophisticated.

The obvious advantage of this tendency is that this hairstyle fits a woman with any hair color and hair type. Even if you have sparse unicorn hair, dense natural blonde or brunette locks or ombre hair, consider a bun as a part of your everyday and festive look.

Hair Decorations

The biggest trend this spring is hair adornments. Many great couturiers have added them to the collections. Thus, Dior chose floral headpieces, Francesco Scognamiglio preferred metal barrettes. Schiaparelli selected a romantic hairstyle – loose braids and revamped them with pieces of black tulle.

Maison Margiela came up with cornrows, and colorful strings, which have been woven into the braids.

These accessories are universal and you may complement any look with them. Everything depends on your outfit and mood.

Thus, it doesn’t matter which trend you choose, you’ll look chic. Just make sure that you are always dressed in self-confidence, nobility, and success.

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