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Hi, hello, and other various salutations! You have now entered the world of Beauty!

 My name is Shreya and I’m the editor of this website!   I’m 28 years old entrepreneur & an enthusiast of all things- Beauty, Fashion & Fitness’ related. I feel loved, blessed and happy. :) 
I’d never expected people to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little diary on the Internet. Years passed, and the following grew to millions. Now my goal is to work incredibly hard and give my followers only the best & honest stuff to read.

Friends know me as a typical Arian woman, Well-Traveled Geek, Multi-Tasking Ninja, Creative Curious Stubborn Mind, a huge Foodie, passionate about motivating others (sometimes unnecessarily getting into troubles) and a huge Kung Fu Panda Fan.

Beauty & the Best now is a team of talented bloggers and passionate writers working 24×7 to bring to you best from the beauty and fashion industry. I as an Editor-in-Chief try to balance my work life and my blogging life with all my love.

This Blog features Beauty and Skincare advice, honest Product reviews, Makeup tips & tricks, Fitness secrets, latest Fashion news and everything that makes you feel confident :) The goal is to create a community of beauty & fashion enthusiasts who support and uplift each other. B&B is the place to share your passion for makeup, beauty and fashion with me and so many others.

Most products featured on this blog have been purchased. Any posts containing products sent for review are disclosed. I am not a medical professional, makeup artist or brand representative. Everything I ( and other bloggers) write in this blog is our own experience with the product.  I’ll also share expert advice with you all from time to time.

For more on how my blog works, please go through Privacy Policy.
To write to me, you can contact me on my personal email id: contact.shreya.bnb@gmail.com

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Your comments aren’t just welcome, they are loved. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back soon.

Your bubbly beauty addict,
Shreya aka BubliBeauty :)

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