Q. Who runs Beauty & the Best blog ?
A.  Me Shreya . I’m the blogger and the blog editor .

Q.  Are you a full-time blogger ?
A.  No. I have a full time job.

Q. How do you manage beauty blog ?
A. Its difficult to maintain. I would like to thank some of my friends and beauty experts who contribute to this blog.
PS: Most of the blog posts are written by me. Posts by guest authors are mentioned !

Q. Are you an expert ?
A.  Nope. What I write about is based solely on my own experience , besides I have done years of research on beauty , cosmetics , skin care and fashion . But please make your own decisions when it comes to products you use on your skin.

Q.  How old are you ?
A.  23 yrs

Q.  Where are you based?
A.  India

Q. What is your blog’s focus?
A.  This is a beauty blog with a keen interest on natural,  skincare and cosmetics.  So I’m very selective about what I cover, also I do review about beauty products if they appeal to me. In addition, I also have write about fittness , mind & body health and everything that makes you feel beautiful .

Q.  What is the most important Beauty advice that you can give to women ? A. The most important advice that I can give to women is that confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. But if you use makeup on a confident woman, she is unstoppable .

Q.  Can I share your blog posts on my blog or forums?
A.  You can link to my post, but do not copy it in its entirety.  Not allowed . Please read my Privacy policy 

Q. I have questions , want to contact you ?
A.  You have many options to contact me Click Here


ThankU for asking lovely questions . If you have more question please send me on my email id : beautynblog1@yahoo.in

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