At 5am, while getting ready and doing my hair I was thinking about publishing a post on hair style (typical Shreya :p)  While clothes and makeup always grab all the attention , hair is also integral part of a look. Here are a few easy tips to keep your hair stylish ~

cat eye

♥ For frizzy hair, apply a serum right after a shower when your hair is still wet.

♥ A ponytail looks great on straight hair, so when not confident of leaving it loose, a pony can save your day ;)

♥ For wavy hair , there are few good products that you can use to scrunch hair and give it a slightly Bohemian look.

♥ For short hair , use gel  to lend it a funky look and you can experiment with spikes or a mohawk.

♥ When you have a dinner party to attend , all you have to do is do your hair up in a low bun, which looks quite trendy and sophisticated and makes for a great night look.

Nicely done hair can enhance the entire appearance. So go ahead style your hair ! :)

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