It’s absolutely essential to remove all of your makeup every night and I can’t stress enough about the importance of a proper cleansing routine.
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Did you know ???

– that skin regenerates three times faster at night than during the day, with cellular renovation activity reaching a peak between 2 AM and 4 AM.

– While we sleep, our body naturally eliminates toxins through the pores. If you fail to remove your make up at night, your pores may be too clogged to allow this natural detoxification to take place. Also, make up can be a drying agent. Failing to remove the make up at night can lead to dry, irritated skin.

Products used for makeup removal :

Foaming cleansers : They may look and feel like face washes, but they are basically foaming make up removers that save you the trouble of a follow-up face wash.

Olive oil / Baby oil /Almond oil /Vitamin E oil : If you haven’t tried using oil to cleanse, I can assure you that it’s not that scary. You can use it on your entire face. Massage oil well onto your face, particularly eyes and lips. Use soft tissues to wipe off; repeat if necessary to get the last of the stubborn mascara off. Follow up with a face wash to rid your face of any leftover specks of make up and oil.

Cold cream : Put it on, wipe it off with a tissue, repeat if necessary (though it’s rarely necessary) and get on with your life. I find that it works especially well on eye makeup and on those long-lasting, everything-proof lipsticks that the manufacturer hopes you’ll purchase an expensive little bottle of stuff to get off. Its Super-cheap too.

For some reason, cold cream doesn’t seem to work for everyone !

Oil-and-water suspensions: Most bottled make up removers contain separate layers of oil and water-based suspensions. Generally labelled as eye and lip make up removers, they are gentle enough to be used all over the face. Don’t forget to shake the bottle.

How I remove my makeup ??

1 – 1st thing I do is removing my lipstick/ lipcolor. I like using Bioderm – H2O to remove my lip and eye makeup.

BnB Tip : Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to your lips, and gently rub it in with a tissue.

2 – Next step is removing my eyemakeup which also includes fake lashes. You can use baby oil for this purpose . I take a cotton pad and soak it in Bioderm (or any other makeup remover ) . My way of taking off eye-makeup is leaving the wet pad on eyelids for 1 min . Just holding it or patting it on eyes removes entire makeup, you don’t have to rub it. I hate to see people rubbing their eyemakeup, why to pull the delicate skin around your eyes .

BnB Tip : Use a gentle makeup remover just for eye makeup. Regular makeup remover can irritate the eyes :(

3 – For face these days I love using Dermalogica Precleanse (going to review it soon ). I massage it over face and eyes to dissolve surface makeup and dirt. Then with wet hands I continue massaging to create a light, milky emulsion. I rinse with lukewarm water.

Most of my makeup comes off in this stage.

4 – Last but not the least I follow it with a gentle face wash or cleanser . Close your pores with a splash of cool water

BnB Tip : Be sure the face wash is gentle and you don’t scrub harshly. Your skin has been covered in makeup all day and it needs to breathe!

5 – Use your favorite moisturizer which suits your skin type and the one which won’t clog pores

BnB tip : Vaseline is not recommended to remove makeup around your eyes. It can clog the tear ducts and cause serious problems.

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HOW DO YOU REMOVE MAKEUP ??? Share your tips in the comment box below :) :)

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