Name : Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup


Price : India – INR 800, USA-  $14.99
Quantity : 23.7 ml
Shelf Life : 2 years

Shades Available : 3 shades available in India – Ivory, Warm Golden, Natural Tan

Product Claim :
-Buildable to full coverage for flawless skin
-Soft, matte finish all day long
-Withstands heat and humidity
-Comes in 16 beautiful shades

Ingredients : DSC03266

My Experience :
Finding a good foundation has been one of my problems for a long time now. Most of the times , the shade is not the right one , the foundation itself is too cakey and gives me a white cast in pictures, it makes my face too oily !! I have experienced each one of these problems with the different foundations I have tried. Half of the high end foundations I got are of wrong shade which is very frustrating …

Having said that, I would say Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème foundation has come very close to being my favorite foundation.

I always check the ingredients list of my face products first… this stuff contains NO parabens which is a huge plus point. Also it doesn’t break out my sensitive skin which I always fear before using any new foundation.

Lets talk about the not so good point – I find dipping my fingers into the huge jar very unhygienic. I use a fresh cotton bud ever time to scoop out the product. You get a lot of product in one pot. Since you’ll need very little amount every time, it’s gonna last for more than 2 months if used every day. That’s why the price tag is not bad.

I had no problem getting it to full coverage, and a very natural finish. Not too shiny, not too matte. Revlon Whipped Creme covered my acne scars and redness. My face looked flawless without concealer. Also it seems to look prettier if you put it on and let it settle before you powder it. Like it melts into everything and makes the skin look perfect.

For dry skin beauties since it is a cream, it can cling to dry patches when first applied, so you have to make sure your skin is well exfoliated and moisturized.

When you think of Cream Foundation products and especially foundation that promises full coverage, you might think that this product would be heavy on the skin but its completely opposite. It gives you smooth finish. But again it depends a lot on your skin’s type, the way you prep your skin before application, and the tools you use to apply your foundation with, but for my skin, all I need is to tone and moisturize my skin. I use my BeautyBlender to evenly apply the cream foundation.

It lasts long even on very hectic days as well as on humid monsoon days….I must say this is one of the best foundations for Summer or humid weather.

Coverage and Finish : About Medium to full coverage. On me, since I’m combination to oily skinned, a cakey finish hasn’t been an issue. In winter that may change. It doesn’t look UNnatural and makeup-y. After an hour or so, it seems to settle in and appear more natural on my face.

Texture : The product looks like liquid but has a mousse-cream like consistency. I love the texture its very light on skin. The texture I can describe as smooth, creamy, dreamy, and just beautiful. The product feels amazing.

Fragrance : Revlon claims the product is fragrance free…. but after a month the product gets a typical chemical smell.

Lasting Power : On me, it lasted for at least 10 hours without looking greasy or worn-out. Last week I went out from 4 in the evening to meet my extended family and came back at midnight. The foundation held up really well and my redness was still concealed.

Revlon Whipped Creme foundation on my face ;)

Revlon Whipped Creme foundation on my face ;)


Packaging : Comes in a heavy glass jar which is not at all travel friendly. I prefer a pump or squeeze tube in most foundation products.

How To Apply :
-Apply to clean skin.
-Using your fingers or applicator (I recommend beauty blender), blend foundation onto skin, starting in the center of your face, forehead, nose and chin blending outward.

Removal : Any face cleanser or wipe. I use my dermalogica precleanse since its recommended to deep cleanse a smudge proof foundation like this one.

What I Like ?
1. Great coverage.
2. Stays on all day.
3. Doesn’t oxidize.
4. Natural looking.
5. Will work for large number of skin tones.
6. Adds glow to my face.
7. Matte finish.
8. Controls oil.

What I Dislike ?
1. Doesn’t have enough shades selections.
2. Not at all travel friendly.
3. Sometimes can be difficult to blend.

Final Verdict : This Cream Foundation covers my acne very well and lasts all day. My face really looks flawless… Loved it !

The Bottom Line

Packaging : 3/5   Formula : 4/5    Coverage : 5/5    Wear Time : 5/5

Overall : 4/5

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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