Weekend Fun With Beauty Bloggers #Part 1

Lets have some weekend fun here!
All the Beauty Bloggers who will comment below will be listed on our BLOGROLL  !!! I’ll tag others on twitter :)

1. What are your three must-haves for a ‘no-makeup makeup look’ ?

No makeup look means using natural or neutral tones naturally found in the skin, like peach, rose, bronze, and even plum. For me a Concealer (my Revlon Photoready )  is an absolute must when wearing natural makeup. The goal is to look natural and fresh, so you don’t want dark under-eye circles to ruin the effect. Mascara ( Rimmel Scandal Eyes) to help open up my tired looking eyes and a natural lipcolor (Maybelline Baby lips ) is a must for me !

Image : makeupgallery.com

Image : makeupgallery.com

2. The most amazing place you want to visit or Where do you wish to travel ?

Imagine money and logistics are no problem. If you could go anywhere in the world in, where would you want to travel?
For me it will be Marseille, France… On the Mediterranean, art and plenty of it.


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3.The beauty brand that you love the most ?

How I wish that I had friends who love makeup as much as I do! :( As far as favorite brands go, I have so many, with pros and cons to each brand. But the one I love the most is Maybelline  :) :)
One of the main reason I love Maybelline is because all the products are easily available in India and USA. Also their lips, eyes and face products give high end finish !


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