You All Are My Friends !

Yes you all who read my posts or follow me or comment on my blog !
You all are my friends :)
and I’m lucky to have lovely friends like you who encourage me —
who admire me — and  raise my spirit :)

Love you all and Happy Friendship Day

Share with me your lovely experience with friends
or what do you think about this day
or quotes you like
or anything related to friendship :)

Here is some sweet lines  for you :) :)
A true friend…
-Accepts you as you are
-believes in you
-calls you only to say “hello”
-doesn’t give up with you
-admires all sides of your personality
-forgives your mistakes
-helps you
-encourages you to try it again
-makes a difference in your life
-says nice things about you
-offers his/her support
-understands you
-tells you the truth
-never judges you
-explains things you don’t understand
-walks by your side
-calms down your fears
-shouts if necessary, if you don’t want to listen
-raises you spirit.

Enjoy the day :) ♥

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