~Guest Post by Chetana


Hair is a very important part of our appearance and blessed are the ones that are born with good hair. The rest of us suffer from problems like hair fall, scanty growth, dandruff and hair damage which are not good for hair. Hair growth depends upon the outer care as well as the inner health too. One needs a healthy body to get good hair growth results. 

While all of us feel that we should take proper care of our hair, most of us are either do not have the time or feel that professional hair treatments are too expensive. But we love how for ages our ancestors have used homemade recipes to take proper care of hair. So let us look at a few home remedies for hair growth that can help you save both time and money and can also give you very good results:

1. Oiling:

Oiling your hair is good for hair growth. While applying oil, massage your scalp so that the oil gets to the roots. Warm a bit of Olive oil once a week, oil your hair and then wrap a wet towel on your hair for 10 minutes to 30 minutes so that the hair is nourished and grows faster. 

2. Onion Juice:

Onion juice is considered very good for hair as it contains Sulphur which aids in collagen tissue creation that in turn helps in hair growth. 

3. Hibiscus:

Hibiscus is an Indian flower with many benefits, one of which is hair growth. You can use the flower petals soaked in oil and then grate it into a paste. Applying this mixture helps to keep hair healthy and helps in curing dandruff and hair fall. Hair grows at a great rate and premature greying is prevented.

4. Coconut Milk:

Coconut oil is great for hair as it has proteins and fats which help to keep hair healthy. Just uses freshly extracted coconut milk and apply on your hair. Tie a shower cap on your hair and rinse in the morning with water. 

5. Eggs:

Eggs are not only good for your body but your hair too. Eggs have been used for centuries for curing various hair problems. Just apply a mixture of one egg, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon of honey. You will see great results when you rinse it and use a mild shampoo to clean your hair. 

Some more Tips:

  1. Shampoo your hair at least twice a week
  2. Brush your hair and keep any tangles at bay
  3. Trim the ends of your hair once in 3/4 months
  4. Oil your hair once a week using warm oil (Olive/Coconut/Castor/Almond – or a mix of these)
  5. Go for a hair spa or do a hair spa by yourself once a month or once every two months

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