Today is not any National Lipstick Day or Lip gloss day, yet we’re excited to talk about these both. Since my college days I loved doing a full face makeup for parties and special occasions, and needless to say I experimented a lot with lip-colors. There are many times I get confused between what to wear, since my preference change everyday. Sometimes I go for classic creamy -sheer formulas, and other times full-on pigmented formulas. In short I can’t live without BOTH ;-) ( I mean lipstick and lipgloss) !


When I was a beginner I had so many questions about lip products, thank God I’ve all the answers today – 

Why Lipstick ?

I’m honestly more of an eye makeup than a lip color girl. But that doesn’t mean I don’t experiment with my lipstick shades, I agree most of the time my mouth is rather diminutive, so you can see me using crayon lipsticks or lip-balms. One of my current favorites are the Revlon Matte Balms. That being said, to balance a luxuriant mascara lashes or a cat eye flick, MAC or Maybelline lipsticks are what I reach for most often.

A cinnamon nude lipstick that has classic old movie feel can be found in many brands. A dark red lipstick looks great in every season on everyone, were as multiple swipes of a coral lipstick can brighten up any look. There are so many brands that offer variety of colors, finishes, formulas along with good staying power in a single lipstick.

The Good about Lipsticks : Most of them have Long lasting formula, smooth texture, good pigmentation, travel-friendly packaging,
The Bad about Lipsticks : Some formulas can be drying and heavy on lips. 

Why Lip gloss ?

Sometimes, a drugstore/High end lipstick can’t satisfy your makeup needs, and in that case, you may want to splurge on Lipgloss. I purchased my first lipgloss when I was 18 on a shopping trip with my mom, and since then I haven’t really stopped.
There are so many lip glosses surely adds your-lips-but-better color feeling. For me I like lip gloss on top of lipsticks because they can make any corals, roses, pinks more beautiful. The never ending trend for pouty lips is the reason why so many brands have launched the 3D lip glosses and the technology is surely a huge hit among youngsters. Sheer or clear lip glosses are another must haves these days.
My Favorite –  I dab just a bit of MAC Viva Glam 1 Tinted Lipglass (lipgloss) on my lips to get the most perfect pout. If I layer it on a little thicker, it’s kind of vampish chic in a way that just works. Otherwise a single swipe gives the perfect pout to accompany any no makeup look. For those above 50 a lip liner is must underneath lipgloss for a precise look.

The Good about Lip gloss : Can be very moisturizing / hydrating , great for dry lips, creamy texture, fade evenly, together gives you juicy lips, gives plump lips.
The Bad about Lip gloss : Can be transferable, don’t expect 3 hours plus lasting time from lip glosses, doesn’t survive meals and drinks, re-application required, can be sticky,

About Lip Lacquers : When in doubt go for lip lacquer :-D …. These lip products reminds me of my School Teacher. She loved wearing loads of makeup and had always perfectly painted lips. So these lip lacquer or Liquid Lipsticks (as I call them) can be used occasionally in the evenings when you want to feel a bit more dressed.

FAQs – 

1. On first date I should ?
If you’re a Teenager : A neutral looking lipstick that matches your natural lip color or a pretty coral shade that brightens your face.
If you’re in your 20s : A coral lipstick or a pigmented pink lipgloss brightens up every skin tone. A pink or mauve lip lacquer can also look great.
If you’re in your 30s : A red lipstick that goes with your skin-tone, topped with clear lipgloss of course.

2. Where and When To Wear ?
Lipstick : Ideal for work, evening out or whenever you want to look perfect.
Lipgloss : looks great with smokey eyes, school, college or during day time.

3. On evening out I should ? Your favorite lipstick topped with clear lipgloss to make your lips appear fuller.

4. On my Wedding I should ?  Play it safe – go for a red lipstick with blue undertone or the one that suits your skintone.

5. During Daytime ? neutral lipsticks and pigmented lip gloss

6. During Night ? You can experiment a lot with your lipstick shades, a clear lip gloss can follow.

7. For Camera Friendly Makeup (lips)?
The only rule for camera friendly makeup is no extremes. So always avoid the extremes of nudes, dark, and shimmery shades. Dark lipsticks can age you, while some nudes give an invisible feel in pictures. A good lip-liner, a lipstick shade that’s in between the nudes and darks and a clear non-shimmery lip gloss for a picture perfect look.

8. BnB favorite ? My pick??? The Winner ??? It’s a complete toss up between Lipstick and Lipgloss. These days you can find the perfect nude to the brightest bold shade in both. ummm I’m confused please do help me to find out the answer by voting below :-)

VOTE for your favorite product and share your most favorite lipstick or lipgloss in the comment box below :-*





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