A traditional Indian bride, adorned in a glamorous brasso saree with a georgette base and a heavily embroidered border is a beautiful sight. She will be the epitome of beauty and sophistication. She will be free from the constraints of the regular heavy wedding attire giving her the freedom to truly enjoy her special day. They being light in weight, the saree gently embraces her body, flatters her figure and keeps her at ease.


These sarees are becoming more common in Indian weddings because of its lightweight and stunning visual appeal. Not only does it make the ideal bridal wear but works as the perfect gift for other women in the bridal party. Any woman would feel special in a saree that enhances her physical features. You can never go wrong with this luxurious fabric; it can help you draw attention to yourself even in the grandest parties. It is particularly a hit with the younger generation as it has this desirable semi-transparent look which can be very appealing.

Sarees in this fabric are the popular choice even in the fashion world. More and more designers are using this fabric because it drapes most beautifully and also brings an element of grace to the outfit. They come in numerous prints and patterns which are not easily found on other fabrics. Designers can go crazy and try out the most unique patterns with this easy to use fabric. With its glamorous appearance, it is no surprise to see them used often in Bollywood movies. Scenes of a heroine in a dressed in them with its pallu flying in the wind are common.


This lovely brasso fabric is created through an acid itch process giving it a burned-out effect. This effect creates a premium feel to the fabric. They can come in cotton, velvet, corduroy, polyester or a blend of two fabrics. Velvet designs on a brasso saree look spectacular, you can jazz it up even further with some embroidery and you’re good to go to the most expensive hotels and the grandest events. 


Any store selling sarees will stock them but your choices would be limited at a store. Even worse is the fact that it becomes difficult to imagine how the saree would look after it has been draped. It would be impossible to drape yourself in every saree in the shop. Not only will it be tiresome for you but might get on the shopkeepers nerves. A better solution would be to shop online for sarees as you get a wider variety brasso sarees collection while some of them are showcased on models so you get a better idea of how it will look after being draped.


Some of the widest saree ranges can be found on Zohraa.com. Your choices are never ending and the quality is nothing but the best. Vibrant colour, unique patterns, contemporary designs and intricate detailing is their speciality, so you are in safe hands. Your finest sarees are just a click away!




Image Courtesy – zohraa.com

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