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One of the not so great feelings in the world is being single in this Love filled Season . You can be stressed out and all you want to do is curl up in your bed. Suddenly ever friend of yours has plans…. Newspapers, Magazines and Facebook is loaded with Red Hearts and all that represents love. Matters start getting worse and you can’t avoid feeling frustrated.

But no more worries – Here is our bucket full of awesome stuff that singles can do :-) :-*


♥ Party Hard and travel Hard with friends :

And this includes completely forgetting about your cell phone.
Have those silly teen cake – wafers party with a FUN photo-booth or simply watch harry potter movie with your friends. No one will ever JUDGE you. If you like loud music turn yourself into a DJ and entertain your friends. Music is indeed a therapy… Besides that you can also plan a Friday Party Night every week without worrying about those constant messages and calls.
If you have a adventurous personality try out a road trip or a safari. Animals and nature can be distressing too.

♥ No need to give anyone explanations 

Of course you are tired giving explanations to your family in your teens. In future you will be giving solid explanations with proofs to wifey/hubby…. so thank the lord you don’t need to give explanations you anyone right now.

♥ Imagine that Fairy-tales are real 

Feel happy that all your dreams are still not broken and you still haven’t touched the bitter reality part. Yes once you are in a relationship you understand the difference between dreams and reality.

 ♥ Less Questions To answer :

Speaking of questions …singles are really lucky, No ???

♥ Look Ugly :

Yes grooming yourself is important part of courtship (because you don’t want people to pass any judgments on who is luckier ). How I wish ‘Beauty OF SOUL ‘ was a subject in school.

♥ Have tons of ME time :

Because you’re special…. You’re absolutely special and deserve all the love for yourself. Pamper yourself and do all the things you really love. In fact find a day every week to shower all the precious love for yourself.


♥ No need to worry about Facebook updates :

What IF you have a out of control partner who wants his / her friends to constantly know you both have happy life ??? Who just can’t stop posting pictures of how much fun you both are having … Omgsh what a horrifying thought.


We expect a lot from others, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can be our own heroes. As they say self love is the best love. :-)


Love Heart

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