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Last year, when everyone was raving about bright, bold, spring colors, I lived under a rock and prayed that they were referring to PINK. A friend suggested that I try a beautiful, sunny Orange. My reaction – “Have you completely lost it? Me? Orange? No way!!” It was obvious I didn’t think much about Orange as a lipstick shade. I am mostly pale with redness on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I thought Orange would make me look even more pale and ghastly! My friend persisted and took me to a Clinique store…..and the rest, as they say, it history!!

hibiscus 003

There it was – the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in 04-Heftiest Hibiscus. My perfect Orange!

Product Description:  Moisturizing Lip color Balm by Clinique.

Price: Around Rs.1100/- (My memory beats me! )

This beautiful lip balm / lipstick is my very first purchase from Clinique (yes, don’t be surprised…I have clarified in the beginning that I used to live under a rock!). My search for my perfect warm Orange lip color ended with this chubby beauty.

Shade: The shade is a warm Orange with strong coral undertones. It’s not a true orange like some of its friends in the Colorbar or Chambor family. The Clinique chubby stick, in Heftiest Hibiscus, instantly brightens up your face even when you aren’t wearing much on it. Frankly, this is my go-to shade on ‘kohl & eyeliner only’ days! The Orange lips do all the talking, while the rest of my face is understated.  On some days where the lighting plays spoilt sport, your teeth might not look the brightest in this shade. On bright sunny days, the same shade can make your smile, dazzle! It’s freaky, but true! It’s almost as if the shade picks up on the lighting around it.

hibiscus 004

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Formula & Pigmentation: The formula is smooth and creamy. It’s got this balmy texture which automatically soothes dry lips. If your lips are extremely dry, chapped or cracked, then you might need to exfoliate and moisture your lips before you use this product. It can be very unforgiving with cracks in lips and chapped lips as it accentuates them to the point of looking weird.

hibiscus 008

Having said that this lipstick (yep, I’m going to call it that) is nicely pigmented. One swipe and you’ll see true color. But I’d advice you not to purse/rub your lips together once you’ve applied this…that’s when the balmy consistency comes into play and you lose the pigmentation from the initial swipe. Just apply this lipstick as is from the stick or with a lip brush.  This lipstick can also smudge and transfer. So if you’re a mommy and have to handle surprise baby kisses, steer clear of this product! Keep this for a night out or a party, where you can easily carry this off and touch up as required. I have also comfortably worn this lipstick all through a month-long road trip. This kept my lips, well-moisturized and supple. Of course, I re-applied whenever required – LOL I was in a car with lots of time on my hands ;-)

hibiscus 010

Packaging: The packaging is typical of any chubby stick lipstick, though this one has a shiny, reflective cap and twister. The body is the same shade as the lipstick itself and this makes it easy to locate, whether you have more of these from the same range or not. Absolutely travel-friendly!

Staying Power: Sadly, here’s where the lipstick loses points ! If you are looking for something long lasting then skip this one.  It lasts up to 2-2.5hrs if you don’t eat, drink or lick your lips. If you have the (bad) habit of biting or licking your lips, you’ll need at least 2-3 touch-ups during the day.

hibiscus 002

PROS – :-)

  • Gorgeous warm shade of Orange
  • Flattering on all skin tones (even pale ones like mine!)
  • Smooth and creamy formula
  • Quite hydrating on slightly dry lips
  • Lovely deep pigmentation
  • Travel – friendly

CONS- :-(

  • May bring out the yellow on your teeth
  • May accentuate extremely dry and chapped lips
  • Transfers and smudges
  • Not long-lasting due to balmy texture
  • Not budget friendly

Overall : I’d say that if you are biased towards this particular color then, go ahead right now and get it! It’s a gorgeous shade! Then, my friend, overlook the lack of lasting power in the Chubby Stick. I did that too! ;-) I’m very happy with the product itself and love its ability to moisturize my lips. I have used up almost 90% of this stick on my road trip to Goa, just goes to show how comfortable this was. I didn’t need to use anything else, cuz somehow this shade went with everything I had carried along.

BNB rating – 4/5

hibiscus 001

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