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Contouring is no longer a restricted makeup art. All of us contour our faces while applying daily makeup. The intensity of the contour may be more or less depending on the occasion. However, still many do not get the effect right, because of the wrong products.

The most commonly used product for contouring is a bronzer. Even if the bronzer is matte, it is still not the correct product to contour your face. Bronzers add warmth to the face and hence, are warm-toned.

For contouring, you need cool undertones to mimic the natural shadows. It was after a long trial-and-error process that I discovered this cool-toned product for contouring. Nope, this one is not a bronzer. It is a product specially created for contouring … Let’s find out ;-)

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

Product name: MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy.

Price: $17.

Shelf Life: 36 months.

Packaging: Available in a refill pan form.

Ingredients: Mentioned on the back of the packaging. (see the pic)

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

My Experience :

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy is a contour product suitable for various skin tones. The shade is a cool-toned brown, with subtle grey undertones. It has no hint of any red or orangey hue. This means that it mimics exactly the actual shadows on the face. Since it is a deeper shade of brown, lighter and fair skin tones might not consider this as a contour product for them.

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

However, this will suit even the palest complexions to get grey shadows on the face. The trick is to apply MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy on the areas where you want the shadows to be and then blend with a warmer or a lighter powder. I use the same trick to get a natural contour. I apply this with a brush and then blend with the Balm Bahama Mama bronzer, which adds a bit of warmth to the face. The result is a strong but natural contour on my face.

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy has a soft and smooth texture. It is not very dry or too powdery. The contour powder is finely milled and applies very evenly. It does not cling to any dry patches, thus making the contour look natural. MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy is blendable, but not very easily.

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

You need to spend few extra seconds to blend the powder, otherwise it will appear streaky. The contour powder has an absolute matte finish, with no shine or sheen to it. Not just on the cheeks, I use MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy to contour my nose, jaw line and even the eyes. The smooth texture and the shade makes contouring a real breeze.

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy has a sheer but buildable pigmentation. This is perfect as too intense pigmentation can spoil the entire look and make your face look muddy. My advice is to start slow and then, build color depending on your skin tone. But, you will surely need a couple of takes to get the exact color on the contour. The contour powder lasts for almost 8-9 hours, which makes it my first choice – for both everyday and special occasions.

MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy

Packaging is nothing great to write about. MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy comes in a refill pan packaging, enveloped in a small bag; very similar to the ones used for packing eye shadow refill pans. You can, of course, buy a pro palette and make your own customized blush and contour palette using these refill pans.

I love the strong and natural contour I get by using MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy. Though it took me lot of time and effort to get the match right, but I am happy with the way it sculpts and defines my face.

Summary –

Color: Medium brown with very cool undertones.

Texture/Finish: Soft and smooth texture. Matte finish.

Pigmentation: Buildable pigmentation.

Staying Power: Lasts for 8 hours.

Fragrance : Fragrance free

What I Like ? :-) 

  • Greyish brown with cool undertones.
  • No orangey hue.
  • Matte finish.
  • Soft and smooth texture.
  • Finely milled.
  • Gives a strong contour.
  • Buildable pigmentation.
  • Looks natural, if blended properly.
  • Lasts for an entire day.
  • Will suit almost all skin tones, in combination with other lighter shades.
  • Perfect to mimic the natural shadows on the face.

What I Didn’t Like ? :-(

  • A pro product; only available in MAC pro stores.
  • Needs practice to get the effect right.
  • Not very easily blended.
  • Inconvenient packaging.

Final Verdict : MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy is the answer to get the perfect and natural contour. Soft and creamy texture with the right shade makes this a must-have product for everyone who desires a chiseled face. Very highly recommended!!!

Quality : 5/5   Pigmentation : 4/5   Packaging : 4/5   Price : 5/5

BnB Rating : 4.5/5


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