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Last year I had an old friend visiting me from Singapore, I had a pleasant time doing my friendly guide duties which involved sightseeing, eating and lots of chatter. I noticed that my friend was sporting a new haircut, the choppy layers didn’t look as beautiful as her long tresses. She complained how hard it was to cut off her long tresses and blamed it on her severe hair-loss.

She is not the only girl struggling with Hair fall issue. Hair-loss and hair thinning problems have become quite popular these days. We think that the modern short hair trend is because no one has time to maintain long tresses but the real cause is hair damage / hair-fall. So many girls cut their hair short these days due to this.

My Hair Volume Before

(My Hair Volume Before)


 Modern stressful lifestyle and rise in pollution are the main culprits that contribute to Hair-fall and hair damage dilemma. I know so many of my female friends who like flaunting long hair but had to cut their hair short. I’m too one such victim!

Past few months I faced a severe hair-fall /hair-breakage problem, it started immediately after a temporary hair treatment. My hair texture was completely damaged and none of the products I tried could repair my acutely damaged hair. Monsoon made the issue worse and I started thinking to cut my hair short.

But before that I decided to give one last try. I immediately started my research to include oil in my hair care regime. While hunting for such product I came across – Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. The fact that it has Amla, Henna and lemon as key ingredients attracted me initially.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

After using it for a month I could notice that gradually my hair texture improved. I never thought I would like a hair oil so much. Vatika hair oil helped controlling my hair-fall problem and I no longer feel the need to cut my hair short. My hair is stronger than before and I can totally feel it.  I’m happy with the result and know that this one product will remain in my hair routine for years to come. I’m already thinking about growing my hair longer! Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, cured my hair problems like dandruff, dryness, split-ends and hair fall. I also notice that my hair got its volume and shine back.

Hair cut (2) (2)
These days my hair routine includes massaging Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil  onto my scalp thoroughly before washing my hair. I keep a gap of one hour or more between oiling and washing my hair. My scalp feels healthy & nourished after massaging this hair oil.

This particular hair routine has worked wonders to my hair. There is considerable difference in the way my hair looks. My hair looks shiny, healthy, thick and completely damage free. The frizzy dry ends and split ends are no more visible.

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is truly a saviour! It not only cured my hair dilemmas like hair-fall, dandruff and split ends but also repaired my damaged hair. My scalp looks healthy and my hair feels stronger.  

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

So friends, if like me you have hair-fall problem and are looking to get back your volume, I highly recommend trying out Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. It also added shine and made my tresses look healthy. Include regular hair oiling with this oil in your hair care routine and will surely thank me for recommending it. J

Have you tried this Hair Oil?
Comment below your experience? Which is your favorite hair oil ?

Disclaimer : The product was brought with my own money.

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