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Hello there, pretty ladies!

How have you guys been? I know it’s been quite some time since you guys last heard from me, but that’s how it is! I was away, and I apologize for that!  Today I am going to show you the six best –selling (in the Indian market) Mac lip liners which are absolutely gorgeous!

Like, seriously! My mouth was watering (literally) while swatching each one of these! So here, without much ado, let’s start off with the actual post!

The lip liners are named and listed in no particular order of preference! :-)

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best mac lip liners

mac lip liners


The shade cherry is undeniably the most vibrant of the reds in particular and all the lip liners from Mac in general! No, its not in your face bright, but a very pretty cool toned red which will look uniquely different on different skin tones! And the SA was very excited about this one, maybe that’s why it stands among-st their top sellers! ;-)

So it is not just me who is partial towards the cherry lip liner; it indeed is so pretty and wearable! On my medium-fair skin it looked more of a bright red but on dark skin it looked more of a warmish bold red, leaning more towards a deep red rather than a bright red! Plus the texture feels quite smooth and luxuriant on the lips! This I can say from personal experience! And it stains, like a lot! And maybe that ISs why it is so long lasting! 


I personally have heard a lot of beauty bloggers raving about this astounding brownish-nude lip pencil from the house of Mac, but this was my first encounter with this gorgeous baby! I did thought that I would never like such a deep brownish-nude kind of a shade as I like my nudes to lean towards more of pinks but surprisingly the swatch did make me fall in love with it! I have a medium-fair skin and I thought for a girl my age (21) such brownish nudes will add years to my look, but I tried it on, and it looked beautiful! I do not have pigmented lips, but had my lips been discolored / highly pigmented, this would have surely covered all of it up! An everyday colour which is the smoothest of the lot and can be worn alone for a deeper nude!

Lasting sensation

I personally do not like neon orangish-coral shades as i think they make me look washed out or at times can also look a bit too stark! But this one looked unique, plus it was amongst the top best-selling lip liners, so I had to check it out! The shade on the pencil looked more of a neon orangish-pink, but on swatching it looked more of a neon coral leaning more towards a vibrant coral! I am a bit afraid of such bright hues but I guess I would like to try this shade in winters as my skin looks brighter in those months! It looks like a must try for the girls with an outgoing perspective who love flaunting bright lips while making a bold statement! A very unique color which will flatter fair to medium skin tones! The only drawback I found that it was a bit dry (even while swatching on the back of my hand, don’t know how dry it would feel on the lips) and I had to go on a good 4-5 times to smoothen out the swatch! Not too dry, but dry in comparison to Mac lip liner’s quality! 


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Okay this was perhaps not my most favourite of the lot but it did interest me nonetheless! Not just for the hue but also for what the SA said about this! He called it the “Deepika vala colour”; the colour Deepika Padukone wears on red carpet! And when Kylie Jenner’s favourite COLOR can make it to the list, why should our desi beauties lag behind? The color is a bright wine, more of a deep purplish-wine! If you have ever seen or eaten the famous “falsa” (an Indian savory fruit, just like black currants or blackberries in hue), then you know what I mean! The colour looks exactly like how your lips will look after getting stained by the falsa fruit’s juice! And will make a great base for all your wine and purple lipsticks and stains! A worth try in the upcoming fall season! 


I generally shy away from bright colors when it comes to adorning lipsticks, but after i tried one of the hottest of the hot, neon kind of pinks from Maybelline, I knew I needed to try some more of such shades! And upon eyeing Dynamo lip liner from Mac, I knew what exactly was missing from my life! The color may look a bit too bright, and somewhat frightening in the pencil, but upon swatching it looked like the most perfect neonish bright pinks an Indian beauty could ever wear! It has cooler undertones and maybe that’s why it complements Indian skin so well, it contrasts against our generally warmer, yellowish tones and looks like a vividly bright pink! Truly, a to-die-for shade if you ask me and it would work great as a lipstick too, as it is quite creamy! If you are on the lookout for a pink which is bright, lasts long, is matte, does not tug on the lips and is especially flattering on Indian skin tones, go for this dynamic shade–DYNAMO! 


No doubt this colour sells like hot cakes across all Mac counters! Once Kylie Jenner revealed the secret behind her “statement-pouty-lips”; the sales for Mac whirl shoots up like never before! The most wearable of the shades and perhaps my second favourite of the lot after cherry (which I proudly own); this shade looks very flattering! It will wash out deeper akin tones if worn alone, but will create the perfect base for all your nude lip fantasies! It has very vivid pinkish-brown undertones leaning more towards a muted pink and is the perfect answer for all those looking for a nudish-nude; if you know what I mean! Neither too brown, nor too pink; just the right balance of the two! If you are thinking that you will get Kylie Jenner lips just by owning whirl lip liner, then that’s not happening! But yes, if you learn the trick of the trade and manage to outline the lips just outside the natural lip line, then fill it in with this liner, and finally top it off with you perfect nude–you go girl! ;-)

best mac lip liners



So these were my top picks from the Mac range of lip liners; and a special shout out to the Mac store at shoppers stop in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi and the S.A’s over there—they are real sweethearts! I am no more going to any other Mac store especially not the ones at Saket! Good job guys; you make things so much more easy for bloggers! :-*




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