Hair Talk: Hair Smoothening vs Hair Straightening 

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Hair straightening has been a phenomenon for quite a long time now. Another very similar term used for hair styling is hair smoothening. These are basically done when your hair is extremely curly, unmanageable or frizzy which is beyond the control of any regular conditioner or hair care. People often do either of these treatments of their choice to achieve that glorious smooth and glossy addition to the tresses.

However, there is some difference between these two terms – Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening. To know about these two in details, scroll down for more.


What is Hair Smoothening?

Smoothening is mainly done to control the frizz and dullness of the hair. It is often called as a primary hair care treatment to ‘smoothen’ out the hair preventing any kind of roughness or dullness. It is also done when you suffer from excessive split ends. This treatment looks straight-wavy on extremely curly hair and moderately straight on wavy to naturally straight hair. The creams that are used are Ammonium Thioglycolate and Sodium Hydroxide permanently break the bonds of the hair giving a smooth silky look to the hair. Hair smoothening is can also be done at home with simple DIYs but mainly done in beauty salons with certain chemicals involved. The process has been enumerated below.

The procedure of Hair Smoothening

  • The hair is thoroughly washed, conditioned and blow-dried normally.
  • A certain cream is applied evenly on the hair, from root to tips. It is kept for around 30mins or so. This cream has the chemicals which sort of re-bond the hair and makes it somewhat straight (not poker straight).
  • Next, the cream is completely rinsed off from the hair and the hair is straightened with a hair iron (the ones which we normally use) or curling wand.
  • Once the hair is ironed, another cream is again applied on the hair which basically locks the effects of the straightening cum smoothening.
  • Lastly, the cream is washed off from the hair and it is brow dried.


  • You can’t wash/wet the hair for 3-4days.
  • You can’t pin/tie as well.
  • Say goodbye to your normal shampoo and conditioner and the salon will recommend you the correct ones specially made for smoothening.
  • You can’t use oil on hair for about a month.

Difference between Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening

Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening are very similar but not completely. Hair smoothening is an easier process than straightening. Also, straightening involves a high rate of chemical abuse which will harm the hair in the long run and looks dull after 6-7months. While smoothening stays longer than straightening. The main difference between the two is that straightening gives you poker-straight hair, so if you want that kind of stubborn straight look, I would say go for straightening. However, if you want more of a smoothen-out straight yet slight wave sort of a look and also a shine frizz-free hair, smoothening will do the trick.


Hair smoothening can also be done at home with several DIYs with the help of Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Bananas, Mayonnaise, Eggs and Curd. These are extremely good for your hair in the long run. The home method of straightening involves the use of straightening iron for hair which also damages the hair with excessive heat. 

Benefits of Smoothening

Smoothening has several benefits and gives the hair more of a natural look. Several hairstyles can be easily done on smoothened hair. Sometimes, the poker straight hair looks too artificial or unnatural and also gives an impression of flat hair. Fluffy and wavy hairstyles are very difficult to make in straightened hair as it is unnecessarily rigid than smoothening. Cost-wise, smoothening is also much cheaper than straightening in any salon.

The process of smoothening is also easy and a matter of one day while for straightening you need different sessions. On various occasions, it has been seen that once the hair straightening effect wears off, the hair turns excessively dull and dry due to the involvement of heavy chemicals and heat. Whereas, after smoothening, the hair stays pretty soft and manageable once the effects wear off unless you use irons and curlers overly.


Although smoothening and straightening is extremely a personal choice, people opt for smoothening to retain a natural look as well as health of the hair. But, if you wish for poker straight hair (in case you have thick and super voluminous frizz hair) I would say straightening is a better option.


Have you tried any of these procedures? Share your experience with us.




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