Inatur Sandal Face Pack Review

(Author ~ Priya)

Hello Gorgeous ladies,

No matter how much ever I plan my homemade skin care routine, I somehow fail to do certain things. You can call it my laziness or busy schedule; I just happen to forget my homemade skin care routine. If you are thinking why I am stuck to homemade skin care routine, then I have a sensitive, oily skin and really skeptical trying new products. And women who have acne prone skin can totally relate to me, on how we keep trying new homemade face packs to remove pimples, acne scars and what not.

I understood that I am not very dedicated person about my homemade skin care and thus I started searching for safe, effective face pack that would enhance my skin and made me flawless (who doesn’t want that). Lucky me, I had an encounter with the Inatur Sandal face pack which I would love to share my experience with all.



Let’s find out whether the face pack solved my skin care issues.


The face pack comes in a thin tube with a transparent screw cap that protects any spillage. The tube is small and would easily fit into your travel bag, which makes it a complete travel-friendly product. I like the uncomplicated packaging that makes it a total winner.

If you enjoy the sandalwood fragrance, you would love this face pack. It has a light fragrance of sandal which somehow makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The smell isn’t strong, so I guess those who aren’t a fan of sandalwood can manage with the face pack.


The texture of the face pack is thick and creamy, which I believe is due to sandalwood. As the face pack is thick, I don’t have to apply in heaps, a small quantity works well. It dries off quickly, which I feel is great for those who are always on the run :). It is not a peel off face pack, instead, I had to rinse with cool water.

From the name, it is evident that the key ingredient in the face pack is sandalwood. Apart from sandalwood and sandal oil the face pack is loaded with the goodness of beautifying ingredients such as turmeric, saffron, liquorice, vetiver. Each ingredient does magic to the skin and I would discuss its benefits in the next section.

Formula & Benefits:
The name says it all, it is a sandalwood face pack that does wonders to my skin. The face pack has powerful antiseptic and germicidal effect. It aids in replenishing and rejuvenating the face as well as removes tan. The key ingredient- sandal is an ancient beauty ingredient that has done magic to many skins. It has antimicrobial, anti inflammatory that helps in removing the dead cells as well as vanishes off many skin disorders. The antioxidant property of sandal helps in rejuvenating the skin.
Along with sandalwood, the face pack has the goodness of turmeric which is another favorite product of our grannies. Talking about the benefit of turmeric, it is an excellent exfoliating agent, reduces wrinkles and aids in providing fair skin. Turmeric even helps in fighting aging, removing blemishes and increases blood circulation on the skin cells, whereas saffron tones my skin texture and gives a luminous complexion. The other two ingredients Liquorice and Vetiver prevents tan and regenerates the ageing skin respectively.


Results : 
What I love about this product is that it has natural ingredients that do no damage to my skin. The creamy texture gives a plush, cooling effect on my skin, which soothes and heals my skin from acnes, sunburns. I apply it 2-3 times a week and the unique thing is that it has a super fast drying quality. I have noticed that along with smooth, toned complexion, it even removes the oiliness of my skin and gives a fresh look. I credit the power packed ingredients that help in nourishing and beautifying my skin.

I take a dollop of the cream and slather it evenly over my clean face, neck and leave it for 10-15 minutes. As soon it dries, I rinse it off with cool water and then moisturise my skin. If you have tanned skin, it would be better to use the pack on a daily basis.

What I liked:
1. Natural ingredients like the sandal, saffron, turmeric.
2. Thick texture.
3. A travel-friendly product.
4. Has amazing sandalwood fragrance.
5. It helps in protecting the skin from sun exposure.
6. The face pack helps in promoting toned complexion.
7. It dries out quickly and removes the oiliness from the face.
8. Fights ageing, blemishes and nourishes the skin.
9. Free of parabens.
10. Gives a cooling effect due to sandalwood.

PRICE : 112gm tub pack is Rs. 300.

Final Verdict:
I would totally suggest this cool, soothing and nourishing face pack that is so much required during the summers. Even though the face pack is meant for all skin types, I feel it would bring a dryness on dry skin people. Oily skin people can definitely look for this face pack, it does wonders to your skin.

BnB Ratings : 4.6/5



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