Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black : Review, Swatches and EOTD

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My attraction and obsession for dark and intense kohls are no secret at all but I was always experiment with every new one in the market. However, I also go back to my HG ones when I am in no mood to try anything new or less interesting. One of the HG ones is the Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black which I used way back when they were launched in India with a price tag of 249 INR. After that, I exhausted around 4-5pencils like this and surely love them to the core.

I have love-hate relationship with this product as it has some drawbacks… So, let’s dive into the details of the product.

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (2)

PRICE – 349 INR for 1.2gm


Packaging – The Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black comes in a wooden coating with a matte black packaging that has silver accents and a plastic cap. The packaging is pretty decent and easy to carry. It has to be sharpened and this is what upsets me the most. The pencil is soft and creamy and every time I sharpen it, I lose a chunk of it, getting stuck in the sharpener. On one hand, it is hygienic but the wastage is heartbreaking if you ask me. I really would have preferred a retractable one.

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (6) Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (3)

Shade and pigmentation – The shade Solid Black is true to its name. It has the deepest jet black color on its own without any hint of shimmer. The pigmentation is as rich and intense as it can be and gives you the boldest and darkest kajal look. You can see in the swatch itself how rich the color looks in the single swipe itself and intensifies even more you multiple ones. On the waterline, it appears as a dark jet black color and looks flawless on the eyes.

Texture The texture makes a huge difference for the rich and intense look. The eye pencil has a soft creamy texture that glides on the eyes as smoothly as it can be. It doesn’t tug, pull or irritate the sensitive eyes at all. Also, the product claims to be an eyeliner pencil but you can easily apply it on the waterline or use it as a kajal. There is no burning or itchy sensation at all. The creamy texture also has certain disadvantages as well. It breaks off easily, especially while sharpening leading to wastage.

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (5) Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (7) Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (8)

Finish This eye pencil has a matte finish although it looks shiny when freshly applied. It gives you enough time to smudge and create a soft smoky eye look easily. But there’s a thing I have notice with this one that it crumbles if you apply a lot of it. Since it deposits a rich saturated color on the eyes with few swipes, there is no need to overload with multiple swipes. If you do, it will crumble with the passage of time.

Formula The formula of the Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black is absolutely stunning and beautiful. It is smudge proof and water proof. It will not budge an inch even after a long humid day. It merely fades a little from the waterline but still maintains a rich look and accumulates on the outer corner of the eyes if your eyes are very watery like mine. It never gets blurry or give you the raccoon eyes even if you splash enormous amount of water as well.

 Staying power The staying power of the eyeliner is around 8-9hours even in this scorching humid heat, which is creditable. It doesn’t smudge at all which is great. On the waterline, the staying power is slightly less and stays for 5hours after which is fades but doesn’t mess up the eye area. The removal is tough, just like any other long wearing kajal, and requires good eye makeup remover or almond oil to remove it completely.

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black (1)

OVERALL The Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black is surely one of the richest and boldest kajal in the market with a commendable quality and staying power. It falls slight short of an all-rounder with sharpening part but surely worth the price you are paying for it.


PACKAGING – Black with silver accents and sharpening function.

SHADE – Dark bold and jet black color.

TEXTURE – Creamy smooth

FORMULA – Smudge proof and water proof.

PIGMENTATION – Rich black with 2swipes.

STAYING POWER – around 8-9hours on the eyes without smudging



  • Nice and light weight packaging.
  • The pigmentation is enriched and it gives a jet black, bold and saturated color.
  • Texture is creamy and glides very smoothly on the eyes.
  • There is no burning or itchy sensation at all.
  • It gives a matte finish to the eyes.
  • The formula is smudge proof and water proof completely.
  • It is a great option for smoky -eyes.
  • The staying power is around 8-9hours.
  • Worth every penny spent on this.


  • Sharpening leads to wastage.
  • Too creamy and breaks off if you are not careful.
  • Missing ingredients list.

RECOMMENDATION – I would definitely recommend this to my readers. For this price, the quality it delivers as a kajal and liner, is amazing. this can also be your HG daily wear kajal as well.

BnB RATING – 8.1/10



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