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I wanted to try out the much-raved L.A Girl Pro Concealers for a long time and the moment I saw them launched in India, I knew I have to get this. I was really confused between the concealer shades and went through numerous swatches to see which one would suit me and somehow I just couldn’t decide. Thus, I picked up the yellow color corrector for highlighting and color correcting.

Initially, I thought the yellow would be too ‘unnatural’ when I saw few YouTube videos but then I thought that if it looks too yellowish, I would simply mix it slightly with my foundation to give a warm tone.

With that thought I ordered the concealer and here my review after using it. ….

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (1)

Shades Available:

  • GC969 Porcelain – For porcelain skin tones.
  • GC970 Light Ivory – For porcelain skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC971 Classic Ivory – For fair skin tones.
  • GC972 Natural – For fair skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC973 Creamy Beige – For fair skin with creamy undertones.
  • GC974 Nude – For fair skin with neutral undertones.
  • GC975 Medium Bisque – For fair to medium skin tones.
  • GC976 Pure Beige – For fair to medium skin with warm undertones.
  • GC977 Warm Sand – For fair to medium skin with warm yellow undertones.
  • GC978 Medium Beige – For medium skin with neutral undertones.
  • GC979 Almond – For medium skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC980 Cool Tan – For medium to tanned skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC981 Toast – For medium to tanned skin with deep warm undertones.
  • GC982 Warm Honey – For tanned skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC983 Fawn – For tanned to deep skin with yellow undertones.
  • GC984 Toffee – For tanned to deep skin with creamy undertones.
  • GC985 Espresso – For deep skin tones.
  • GC986 Chestnut – For deep skin with caramel undertones.
  • GC987 Beautiful Bronze – For deep skin with creamy undertones.
  • GC988 Dark Cocoa – For deep to dark skin tones.
  • GC989 Mahogany – For dark skin tones.
  • GC990 Orange Corrector – Perfect for covering under-eye circles.
  • GC991 Yellow Corrector – Perfect for covering discoloration and veins.
  • GC992 Green Corrector – Perfect for covering blemishes and imperfections.

PRICE – 575 INR for 0.25 ounces (in India)/ $5 for 0.25 ounces (in U.S.)


Packaging – The L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow has the similar packaging with that of the HD concealer series. It comes in a medium sized tube with a synthetic fibre brush attached to its mouth. The tube further has the black screw cap packaging. The fibre brush is of great use and all you have to do is apply slightest pressure to push the product though the brush and apply it. Although it is very convenient to deal with, the fibers may harbor bacteria with regular usage and accumulation of product. Therefore, make sure not to left it open for a long duration. Overall the packaging is something new to me and I love every bit of it.

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (11) L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (6) L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (7)

Shade – Indian market doesn’t have powders like Sacha Buttercup or Ben Nye Banana and hence the natural warm highlight is something for which you have to work with. The shade or color corrector yellow is a pale yellowish color, very similar to the Sacha Buttercup one. I actually thought the color would be somewhat canary yellow or turmeric one but it turned out to be a great one. In common parlance, yellow conceals discoloration and veins of purple and bluish tones but this one isn’t a very strong one. If you have extremely dark circles like mine, use a full coverage concealer or a color corrector like peach or orange underneath first. Then apply this color and set with a powder. It instantly brighten up the complexion. The yellow color corrector will only help to brighten if your skin tone is between NC 30 to NC 45. For any other skin tone, it will not look good as a natural highlighter. Also, you can mix a little bit to your BB cream or foundation to have a warm undertone.

Coverage – The concealer has a medium to buildable coverage. The coverage has the tendency to sheer out if you blend too much with a sponge. Using the fingers or a fluffy blending brush works best with this product as it has enough texture to blend it well. You can see in the swatch where I have partially blended the color and it looks so brightened and gives a medium coverage to the veins.

Application and blending – The application is the best part of this product. It claims to blend seamlessly and it really does it. Be it a sponge, brush or finger – the color will blend flawlessly. To get the maximum coverage, simply dab the color and spread it with the warmth of the fingers. Keep it like that for few seconds and then blend again. In this way you will get the maximum coverage and smooth blending. However, the concealer needs to be set with a nice powder for even look.

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (2) l-a-girl-pro-conceal-corrector-yellow-3 L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow (4)

Texture –
The texture of the concealer is creamy-liquid but has a very light weight formula. It feel literally nothing when applied and spreads so easily on the skin. Due to the light weight texture, it will not clog the pores at all. For under eyes, all you need to do is pat the color well with ring finger or a fluffy brush and set it. The concealer has such a unique balance of hydration that will suits every skin type – be it oily or dry. However, the concealer will crease unless you set it well with a good powder. The concealer doesn’t dry out the skin and slightly blurs out the fine lines.

Formula and Finish – The finish of the concealer is dewy which needs to be set with a powder. The formula is water resistant and let the pores breathe on its own. The concealer falls under the HD category and doesn’t have any sunscreen, which is why it photographs beautifully. There is no whitish or yellowish cast on the skin at all. If you think the color is a bit yellowish for you, set with a pinkish toned or peach toner powder to balance out the look. The concealer wont slide down and looks very natural as well.

Staying power – The concealer stayed on my eyes for about 6-7hours when set with a powder and after that I noticed some kind of fading out. However, when I used a makeup setting spray, the concealer lasted for a long time on me. The staying power is really good for the price you pay.

l-a-girl-pro-conceal-corrector-yellow-8 l-a-girl-pro-conceal-corrector-yellow-9 l-a-girl-pro-conceal-corrector-yellow-10

– The L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector Yellow is a great natural highlighter shade for NC 30 to NC 45 with light weight bendable texture, easy application, medium to buildable coverage and dewy finish. The concealer is long staying and photographs really well.


Packaging – Tube with a fibre brush.

Shade – Yellow color corrector is a pale yellow.

Best suitable for – NC 30 to NC 45

Coverage – Medium to buildable

Application and Blending – Easy application and blending.

Texture – Creamy liquid and light weight.

Formula – Water proof and photographs well.

Finish – Dewy

Staying power – Around 6-7hours when set with a powder.



  1. Convenient packaging.
  2. Wide range of shades and color correctors.
  3. Yellow is great for highlighting and coverage for NC 30 to NC 45.
  4. Looks natural and seamless.
  5. Medium to buildable coverage.
  6. Easy application and blending.
  7. Light weight creamy liquid texture.
  8. Doesn’t accentuates on fine lines or dry patches.
  9. Water proof and photographs well.
  10. Commendable saying power.
  11. Reasonable price tag.


  1. The fibre brush may harbor bacteria.

RECOMMENDATION – Now that L.A Girl is officially in India, I would surely recommend this one. The color yellow is the perfect one for natural highlighting and would brighten up the area so well without looking stark. The color is versatile and surely a winner.




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