L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H – Royal Blue : Review, EOTD & Swatches

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Gel liners are the best ever thing that happened to my eye makeup. I love the application, versatility and formula. I lost count of the numerous tubs of Maybelline and Lakme Gel liners I have purchased in the past. The gel liners of L’Oréal Paris simply skipped my mind altogether but this year while shopping for Navratri, I suddenly remember that I have to get few colors from L’Oréal Paris. There were so many shades to choose from and I bought a gel liner called Royal Blue along with few lip colors.

Today I will be reviewing the gel liner in details.


SHADE AVAILABLE – 5 shade available- Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Chic Brown, Diamond Black, Profound Black

PRICE – Rs 875 for 2.8gms


Packaging – The L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza is encased inside a beautiful black-golden cardboard box. Inside, you would find the thick glass walled little tub with a shining golden screw lid. Along with that, there is an eyeliner brush with short-height bristles and soft in nature. The brush is well designed and it is great for filling up the wing eyeliner. However, drawing a sharp wing would require a professional expertise for that. On the back of the glass jar, you would find the shade name and overall, the packaging is well crafted and light weight. It is also easy to carry around while travelling.

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Shade – The shade ‘Royal Blue’ stand true to its name. It is a deep and vibrant royal blue color with a micro shimmers in it. The shimmers give a slight reflective and rich look to the color. While I would have preferred a matte color, but I have to agree, this particular color and its richness is ideal for festival and other occasions. It is extremely flattering to every skin tones and gives a lot of oomph factor to the eye makeup. Even a simple winged liner with this color is enough to make you look pretty. However, it is so subtle enough to be carried out every day time.

Pigmentation – The pigmentation has my heart. It looks stunning and beautiful with a single stroke and you don’t have to layer in again and again. I have dark lids which I don’t conceal all the time. But the pigmentation is so good that it would show up anyway and also, you don’t need a base or primer to make the color pop. The color payoff is equally commendable for the waterline without any hint of irritation or burning sensation even when I wear lenses.



– The texture of L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza is surely better than Maybelline and Lakme, so far that I have used. The texture is soft, creamy and glides like a dream. However, the creaminess settles down within a minute or so and gives a proper smooth feel. The enriched texture is easy to work with. One of the main downside of a gel liner is that it dries up with the passage of time but since this is my first with L’Oréal and I have only used it for a month, it is still intact. However, I do store it downside for precaution.

Formula and Finish –The formula is water proof and smudge proof. Surely, one of the best formula of a gel liner. It feels very light weight on the eyes and you would feel no kind of dryness on the eyes. Once the gel liner sets down, it will not budge at all. The water proof and smudge proof formula goes for the waterline as well. It will not give you a ‘blue panda eyes’ at all. Only the color fades off slightly on water line after long hours. The finish is matte but since the liner has reflective particles in it, it gives out a beautiful and elegant shine to it.

loreal-paris-super-liner-gel-intenza-36h-royal-blue-10 loreal-paris-super-liner-gel-intenza-36h-royal-blue-1

Longevity – The gel liner claims to have a staying power of 36hrs but then who wears eyeliner for so long? Well, I wore it for around 8-9hrs and surprisingly, it didn’t budge, flake or fade at all. On certain occasion the gel liners tend to flake or crack with the passage but this one was intact. So, to me, the staying power is surely one of the best thing for thing gel liner. Also, the removal is easy but you need a good oil based eye makeup remover to wipe it off completely. The price is the only complain I have. It is hiked a lot and for a drugstore, it is surely one expensive thing.


OVERALL – The L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Royal Blue is a stunning royal blue colored gel liner with a creamy texture, rich color pay off, water proof and smudge proof formula and has a commendable staying power of 8-9hrs. However, it is slightly pricey as well.


  1. Packaging – Sleek, well-crafted and pretty golden-black packaging.
  2. Brush – Can draw both thin and thick lines.
  3. Shade – A deep and vibrant royal blue color with a sheen.
  4. Texture – Creamy smooth.
  5. Pigmentation – Rich and intense.
  6. Formula – Waterproof and smudge proof.
  7. Staying Power – around 9-10hrs.


  1. Sleek and glass jarred packaging.
  2. Royal Blue is a deep and vibrant royal blue color with a sheen.
  3. Applicator brush is nice and soft.
  4. Creamy texture.
  5. No streaking or smudging.
  6. Waterproof formula.
  7. Rich and intense pigmentation with one swipe.
  8. Staying power is 9-10hrs.


  1. Overpriced
  2. 36hr formula is a marketing gimmick.

RECOMMENDATION – The L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H is available in amazing colors and surely I would recommend it. However, wait for the sale to start otherwise it feels very pricey.

BnB RATING – 8.5/10

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