Self-awareness is the key to living a beautiful life. It is the clear perception of your surroundings, strengths, beliefs, actions and even emotions. It allows or enables you to understand people better. To know they have a perception of yours and to allow a proper direction of your attitude towards others as well.

One important aspect of self-awareness is that it propels you to create what you want and then motivate you towards achieving it. After creating self-awareness you can see where your thoughts and emotions are leading you to. It is the journey of oneself within itself and introspecting at a higher level. Its logical to be aware …& know about your inner self !

Self-consciousness is another beauty that one possesses after all the other physical attributes. The first thing that you should do when you look for self-awareness is cleanliness of yourself and your surroundings. Cleanliness here, doesn’t only mean the cleaning of your homes, and grooming rooms. Self-awareness is also cleaning of your thoughts and actions before you take any decisions. But before you have this free time to sit and self-introspect, you’ve got to finish the rest. Talking of self-awareness and self-consciousness, we all know how self-optimized we have become today! So apart from ordering your lunch online, watching movies at home, getting your cabs booked for trips and doing your online Kirana! Try and get your clothing solutions on a click.

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