I believe that if you look good you feel good…but if you smell good you will definitely feel great. I think it’s a combination of these two factors working together for that overall fantastic feel good buzz.

I’ve always loved fine fragrances and so when I came across Enchanteur, I immersed myself in learning about the fascinating ingredients of what it takes to create just the right scent. Along with its beautiful packaging that reflects my taste and imagination of the perfect romantic fragrance, I must say, Enchanteur has created a beautiful fragrance. Enchanteur Eau De Toilette is what I’d call ‘love in a bottle’.

Coming back to my first impression about this range I must say, as soon as you breathe in the notes you can confidently say that this is unique; it’s light and fresh, classic and timeless, without being too sweet or too floral. The beauty, charm, and elegance of the Enchanteur collection with this set of 4 perfumes is that it embraces every aspect of love and femininity. 

Let me talk about this range in detail!

Enchanteur Romantic Eau De Toilette:

This is infused with the slightly sweet, yet pretty and fresh scent of White Jasmine and Mandarin blended together with the perfect feminine note of Bulgarian Roses. It’s just like combining the best of old world traditions with modern influences.  Although I’m not normally a floral person at all, the Garden Roses is light and fresh enough to work beautifully as a base scent, while the earthy undertones blend seamlessly; I enjoy wearing this on weekends.

Enchanteur Alluring Eau De Toilette:

Now, this one is an actual alluring combination of Italian Bergamot and crushed Rose petals. It evokes a refined and feminine scent that conjures the elegance of a Parisian sophisticate. Sweet top notes of Rose and Passionfruit blends into the floral delicacy of Iris. The fragrance lingers for a long time making it perfect for date nights!

Enchanteur Charming Eau De Toilette:

Warm, spicy, and sweet, Charming is the perfect fragrance for the sensual woman in us all. Charming opens with a light, but just right citrus blend with Musk, Muguet and Rose petals bloom. With a whisper of musk on the skin, capturing the imagination, I’m totally obsessed with this one as it is my kind of fragrance.

To me, adding a spritz of something special that I enjoy doing every morning, and is considered decision that reflects what I want to say about myself that day. I always wear something different, preferring to switch it up depending upon the time of day and occasion. Perfume can be incredibly personal and incredibly romantic, but I adore the fact that this brand is constantly pushing boundaries and ensuring there’s always something new to reignite our passion and fill our vanity with.

Enchanteur Enticing Eau De Toilette:

Enticing is the celebration of the traditional Spanish rose, offering a modern, vibrant take on classic beauty. Unconventional notes of Lemon, Rose, and Freesia offer a modern edge, making this the perfect scent for the woman who stands out in the crowd.  For me, this fragrance will work well when looking for an all-day work fragrance.  Especially for those who adore fresh scents, with just a hint of something earthy. 

I love everything about this fragrance; the concept, the design, the scent and the ingredients used to create it. It’s elegant and subtle without being generic, reminding me of the smoothness and soulful notes of dance and love. Whether you’re a fan of floral romantic scents, or simply just like breathing in something fresh, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If they handed out an Oscar for perfumes, I’m sure this new Enchanteur range would be a winner.

What I like?
• This range has perfectly blended floral notes
• The scent is not overpowering
• Packaging is compact and travel-friendly
• The scent is long-lasting
• Does not irritate my skin and doesn’t leave patches when applied on clothes

BnB Rating: 10/10


Final Verdict:  I totally enjoyed and loved all the four fragrances but my top favorite is Enchanteur Charming Eau De Toilette. Charming is the fragrance of a modern-day girl, delicious and sweet. A bitter-sweet floral with Musk, that is delightfully swathed in Rose Petals.


You can Buy Here: 

Enchanteur Body mist gift pack – http://amzn.to/2lO0JrE

Alluring EDT- http://amzn.to/2ksPIeV

Romantic EDT – http://amzn.to/2kVIcrH

Charming EDT – http://amzn.to/2ksPC7b

Body mist links –

Romantic – http://amzn.to/2lO3CZt

Charming – http://amzn.to/2laGot2

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