One of the beautiful traditional attire of Indian women is chaniya choli or lehenga choli as the women in many parts of India are used to wearing this dress in their daily life, as well as in festivals. Many brides of North India prefer to wear gorgeous lehenga choli in their weddings. So the fashion designers these days create lehenga-cholis in many styles and designs for the Indian bride. One should choose one according to ones personality and body type.

Various Styles Of Chaniya Choli

  • Straight cut lehenga – A straight cut lehenga does not have any pleat and is tight fitting on the body. Thus, it looks fashionable on the women, who have apple shaped, hourglass shaped or rectangular shaped body figure. The fashion designers of Craftsvilla use georgette, jacquard, silk and brocade to create this form of lehenga, with blouse type choli.

  • Circular lehenga – This is the most traditional form of lehenga, where the attire is fully flared to give a highly voluminous appearance. The fabric is heavily pleated all round, with broad and gorgeously embroidered borders at the hem of the dress. But generally embroideries are not done on the body of lehenga to keep up with a simple and sweet look. Here the choli is quite short to suit women with varying figures. Usually, georgette, crepe, silk, brocade and jacquard are the best fabrics chosen to stitch this type of chaniya choli.
  • Mermaid styled lehenga – Actually, this cut of lehenga is so named because it looks like a fishtail that is tightly fitted on the hip region of the wearer and becomes narrow towards the knees, while it flares again towards lower part of legs. This dress looks perfect for the pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped figures. This lehenga is mostly created from silk, georgette, brocade and jacquard to bring elegance to the dress. Short and halter neck choli looks best with this type of lehenga.
  • A-line lehenga – This type of lehenga is made in the shape of ‘A’, with only a few pleats stitched carefully to make it tighter at the waist and flares towards the lower part. It is a favourite of young women on special occasions and for light functions. So any type of fabric is suitable for making this simple, yet elegant dress that can be the perfect choice for women having hourglass or pear shaped figure, with good height.
  • Paneled lehenga – This type of lehenga is also known as kalidar lehenga, as numbers of panels are cut out of the chosen fabric and stitched together, to bring a full volume. Due to the extensive colourful embroideries all over the flared lehenga, it can be worn in all parties and even social festivals with matching long choli.  The women with inverted or rectangular body shape or pear shaped body needs to choose this special lehenga.
  • Ruffle lehenga – This type of lehenga is made with multiple layers to make it look fuller and very stylish. These layers can also be of contrasting colours and looks beautiful on rectangle or inverted body shapes. 
  • Sharara cut lehenga – This type of lehenga is stitched through the middle of the dress to the hem,  resembles a loosely fitted trouser, and thus, matches with long kurti type choli that runs till the waist. This lehenga choli is greatly favoured by the conservative Muslim brides mainly those who have tall figure and slim legs.

  • Jacket based lehenga choli – In this type, the lehenga is finely embroidered all over the body and the choli is created in the form of an elegant shaped long jacket. It fits both heavy and extra slim body.

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