Nykaa EyemBOLD Kajal Review and Swatches

(Author ~ Sanchita)

Nykaa launched a variety of kohls with different price tag but my stash of kajal was already overflowing and hence I turned a blind eye. However, the moment I saw the demo of the EyemBOLD Kajal, I was sold. I simply ordered it without a second thought at all. I had no second thought about the quality because Nykaa has always delivered the best in terms of quality.
I have been using this kajal for some time and here’s my detailed review on the same. :-)

PRICE – Rs. 450 for 2.8g


Packaging – The Nykaa EyemBOLD Kajal comes in the quintessential Nykaa long and slender vibrant cardboard box. The kajal is in the form of a thick chubby pencil, resembling the eyeshadow pencils. It has an opaque black cap and color coded body. I am happy that the cap is opaque because transparent caps tend to look dirty with the passage of time. The pencil has sharpenable body and a little product is wasted while sharpening, thankfully, they provide you with a sharpener which works perfectly with the product. Overall, I have no complaints with the packaging and it is quite travel friendly.

 Shade and pigmentation – The shade is black – bold, jet black and insanely pigmented. So far, this is the best and blackest kajal I have seen and it simply left me awestruck. If you are someone who likes to tight line the eyes with jet black kohl, this would be the ideal product to pick. However, you can create sharp lines or make a winged liner because of the shape. It has this fat, chubby body which is only good enough for tight lining the eyes. I have also used the kajal as an eyeshadow base and eyeshadow and then also it works like a charm. A single swipe is all you need to get that blackest touch on the eyes. The shade and pigmentation will win your heart easily.

Texture – The texture plays a very important role in this product. The texture is creamiest I have ever seen and there is not an ounce of tugging or pulling at all. In fact, you have to use the lightest hand on the waterline. It looks as if you have applied a thick layer of black gel liner on the water line. The rich and smooth texture is comfortable on the eyes. Coming to the most disappointing part of this product, it made my water watery and irritated a lot with a burning sensation. Although, it says dermatologically tested, it will irritated my eyes. I have never experienced anything like this with any eye makeup product because my eyes are generally not very sensitive. However, with this I am not very sure what exactly went wrong. I took the trial and tested around 8-9times (because I loved the product) but unfortunately it didn’t work for me much. Only, if you wear it lightly, then the irritation was little less.

Formula – The formula of the kajal is what it claims – waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof. It doesn’t smudge or budge and remains intact for a long time. The finish of the kajal is slightly glossy and not completely matte. It has the tendency to accumulate a bit at the corner of the eye at the end of the day.

Longevity – The staying power of the kajal is really impressive. It stayed on my eyes for 6-7hrs and after that I had to remove it because it was irritating my eyes. You have to use a good quality eye makeup remover or oil based remover to remove the kajal completely. Price wise, the kajal is fine (if it works for you) and will last you a long time.

OVERALL – The Nykaa EyemBOLD Kajal comes in a chubby, sharpenable, color coded body and has the blackest shade ever. The insane pigmentation is witnessed in the first swipe itself and holds a creamy smooth texture. The product is waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof along with the incredible staying power. However, it made my eyes water and gave a burning sensation, which is surely a huge drawback for me.


  • Packaging – Chubby pencil form and comes with a sharpener.
  • Shade – Blackest black.
  • Pigmentation – Rich and bold in single swipe.
  • Texture – Creamy smooth.
  • Finish – Semi-glossy
  • Formula – Waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof
  • Longevity – 6-7hrs
  • Drawback – Gives a burning sensation to the eyes.


  1. Sturdy body and comes with a free sharpener.
  2. Blackest black bold shade.
  3. It can be used as an eyeshadow base too.
  4. Rich pigmentation.
  5. Texture is creamy smooth and glides effortlessly.
  6. Waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof formula.
  7. Staying power is around 6-7hrs.


  1. Some people may not like the sharpenable body.
  2. You can’t make sharp lines with this.
  3. Personally, it irritated my eyes a lot and thus it is a big ‘no’ for me.

RECOMMENDATION – The Nykaa EyemBOLD Kajal has the dreamy quality that every kajal lover like me would fall for. Unfortunately, it turned to be a disaster for my eyes. Do let me know if it has irritated your eyes too.


BnB RATING – 5/10 

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