NARS is a name well known to every makeup lover. Their base products are amazing and thus gives you a flawless canvas to start off. A luminous foundation with a sheer base transforms the skin magically and looks natural. The foundation has one of the best extensive shade card and is a cult favorite from the brand. It doesn’t mask the skin but makes it better in every possible way.

Having tried and tested the product, here is the full detailed review on the same.

PRICE : $ 47 in USA

My Experience?

Packaging – Nars Sheer Glow Foundation comes in a small compact packaging. It has a rectangular thick walled glass body with a black pump dispenser. The pump is further enclosed with an opaque black cap which ensure that there is no spillage or leakage of the product. The glass bottle is see through and the shade name and number is still printed on the bottom of the bottle. The glass packaging becomes slightly inconvenient while travelling so it isn’t a product to travel with. However, the packaging overall is pretty efficient as the pump dispenses the right amount of products and works smoothly.

Shade – The foundation has around 20 shades which is why you would surely find a suitable match for your skin tone, not matter what! I shade I choose is called ‘Punjab’. Punjab is a warm golden-yellow undertone beige color. This shade would be an ideal pick for NC 30-35. It blends into the skin like a dream and looks like my skin but better. The warmer undertones prevent the ashy touch and looks flawless. For NC 40-45 the shade Stromboli (medium with olive undertones) would be better. Deeper skin tones can also opt for Syracuse (medium-dark with brown undertones).There are various options for duskier and darker complexions and thus won’t look ashy due to lighter color. If you are choosing the shades from online, be a little careful and check the swatches.

Coverage – The name states ‘Sheer’ but surprisingly the foundation will give you medium to full coverage. You can build up the layer as per your preference and make sure you blend everything of the first layer before moving on to the second one. The foundation will cover up the scars and redness to a large extent and enhances the skin without looking artificial and exaggerated. It has a skin perfecting formula that hides pores (if you use a primer underneath), fine lines and uneven skin tone to leave skin peachy soft all thorough the day. The coverage also adds a layer of radiance and gloss to the skin without making it look oily or excessively shiny.

Texture – The foundation has a thin watery liquid texture bit on a runny side. This is why, while application apply directly on face to blend with a sponge or brush. This is because he application tool may soak up a lot of the product. The foundation is so easy to blend and consumes very less time. This doesn’t go patchy so stick to the dry areas or accentuates on the fine lines. Thus the texture of the foundation is ultra-light, hydrating, water based formula which delivers naturally breathable skin without clogging the pores at all.


Formula – the formula of the foundation water based and which is why it will take some extra time to settle on the skin. This is quite an advantage that it gives you enough time to blend and correct any base mistake. The foundation is light weight and feels nothing like heavy ones. Thus this incredibly weightless formula is perfect for every occasions. Thus if you are not into heavy base makeup yet want to look flawless, this is the one to try out. The formula of the foundation is hydrating which is why it will give you the ‘glow’ instead of matte. The foundation is the perfect pick for dry and combination skin and gives a healthy radiance. In fact, oily skin can also try it out for a natural glow and set everything with a translucent or compact powder. Since it is light weight and let the skin breathe on its own, the foundation will not cause any breakout at all. The foundation has been formulated with powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skin’s radiance and tone.

Finish and oxidization – The finish of the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation can be very well understood from the name itself. It gives a hydrating and luminous touch to the skin and perfect for the dewy look without being too shiny or greasy. The skin looks softer and smoother and blends effortlessly onto skin to conceal imperfections with a glowy finish. The shade won’t oxidize and won’t make you look dull and orangish at all. There is no whitish cast on the skin as the foundation doesn’t have any SPF. If you are a bride with a perfect blemish free skin, you can try this glowy foundation for the D-Day.

Application – To apply, I usually work two to three pumps in the palm of my hands before using my fingertips to press it into the skin. The warmth of the hands and fingers helps to blend the foundation for the most natural finish. You can apply with beauty blender and buffing brush as well. However, beauty blender may sheer out the liquid foundation a bit.

Staying power – The staying power of the foundation is around 7hrs and also depends a lot on the hot, humid or cooler weather conditions. You can make it last longer in hot climate by dabbing a layer of powder on top. For fall and winter, you can also easily sport the glow and radiant look alone. The foundation is slightly pricey though and availability in India is poor.


Packaging – Glass packaging with pump.

Shade – Beige with golden undertones (NC 30-35)

Coverage – Medium to buildable.

Texture – Thin watery liquid texture.

Formula – Weightless and smooth.

Finish – Radiant and dewy.

Oxidization – No oxidization.

Application – Best with fingers and buffing brush.

Staying power – Around 7hrs



  1. The packaging has a nice pump.
  2. Wide range of shades for every skin tones.
  3. It gives medium to buildable coverage and covers the minor blemishes.
  4. Thin watery liquid texture bit on a runny side.
  5. The foundation is ultra-light, hydrating and gives naturally breathable skin without clogging the pores at all.
  6. Best suitable for dry and combination skin.
  7. Incredibly weightless formula.
  8. formulated with powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skin’s radiance and tone
  9. Radiant and glowy finish which looks au natural.
  10. Easy to apply.
  11. Long wearing foundation.
  12. No oxidation or whitish cast.


  1. Glass packaging is not suitable for travelling.
  2. The foundation takes time to settle down because of the water based texture.
  3. Expensive
  4. It is not easily available in India and choosing the shades online for such an expensive foundation is slightly tricky.

Overall – Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a dewy foundation with water based formula but hydrating and nourishing one which is perfect for dry and combination skin. The wide range of availability of shades, incredibly weight formula and long wearing qualities are surely very convincing. However, price and availability can be an issue for some.

My Rating : 8.1/10







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