How to Style That Awkward In-Between Hair Length


If you’re planning on growing out a short hairstyle, you’re likely apprehensive about how to style your hair during those awkward, in-between months where it’s neither short nor long. Planning your hairstyles for this time might be daunting, but it can help to see how others have handled it. Below are 10 hairstyles you can use to style that awkward in-between hair length while you’re waiting for your hair to grow out. 

1. Fake a Bob


You may not be going for a bob as your final look, but you can always fake one if you find yourself in need of a quick, easy go-to style. It may help to straighten or otherwise smooth your long top layer before tucking it behind your ear. Also, for an awesome colour effect, you can try to balayage your hair for a subtle transition of your highlights.

2. Crown Braids


If you want a unique, put-together style for when your hair doesn’t feel put together at all, an easy crown braid might be your answer. These braids create a subtle, lovely touch that will make you look slightly regal. While you’ve probably mostly seen this braid used on longer hair, they are also an excellent way to add some interest to shorter styles while also keeping hair under control.


3. Start Using Headbands


For many people, the main issue when growing out a short style is the problem of uneven hair lengths. Often, simply getting the longer top layer under control with a headband is all you need to make even the unruliest in-between length look polished and put together. Plus, this style works in a variety of settings. You can use a casual bandanna for the gym or other relaxed setting, and then use a sleeker headband for work or business casual settings. And with headbands, you can go as inconspicuous or ostentatious as you please. If you put together a collection, you’ll have seemingly endless ways to style your hair while also tying your outfits together.



4. Use Decorative Hair Clips to Tame Unruly Lengths


While bobby pins (discussed later on) are an inconspicuous way to get an in-between hair length under control, sometimes, you want to stand out. For those days, a decorative clip or bow serves two purposes. First, it collects your hair and keeps the longer strands out of your face. Second, it adds a colorful accent piece to your outfit.


5. Use a Strong Hair Gel to Hold One Side in Place


This look has been popularized by Kristen Stewart as she has grown out some of her more famous short hairstyles. Combing some gel through one side of your hair can add a touch of polish, while also letting you style the rest of your hair in any way you choose. Depending on how curly your hair is naturally, you may need to find a very strong hair gel.



6. Twists are Your Friend!


Sometimes, when you need to pull strands of hair back from your face, you want to do more than just bobby pin them back. In this case, gently twisting each strand back before pinning it can add some texture. This style often looks great on curly or natural hair, too. For pinning the twists, themselves, you can use tiny hair clips, bobby pins, or even headbands.



7. Try Out a Short-Hair Bouffant


Beauty expert Miss Miriam is an advocate of the short-hair beehive or bouffant. This style can be tough to master at first, but her step-by-step guide can help even the most stylistically-challenged person get a stunning, unique beehive. Even if your hair is very short, you can emulate Scarlett Johansson’s short blonde bouffant for a relatively easy, yet stunning, look.


8. Keep Your Hair in Good Condition


Teen Vogue suggests that, in order to keep frizz under control and to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, using hair oil is an important step. Gels and other similar products can help keep your hair under control, but especially i your hair is curly and/or fine in texture, hair oil can keep it healthy and easy to style. Argan oil is a popular choice, but you may need to try a few oils before you discover which one is best for your hair’s needs.


9. Use Some Well-Placed Bobby Pins


When you need to get your hair under control but are short on styling time, bobby pins offer an inexpensive and convenient way to make your hair look considerably sleeker. You can choose inconspicuous pins that match your hair color closely, or if you want something with some sparkle, you can choose silver or jewelled pins, too. Bobby pins tend to be quite easy to lose, so it may be a good idea to stock up on several varieties ahead of time.

10. Half-Up, Half-Down


This is a favourite of some beauty bloggers, and it’s easy to see why – this is an easy yet energetic style perfect for days when you don’t have the time for more involved styles. Whether you use a hair clip, a scrunchie, or a plain hair tie, this look allows you to keep stray strands away from your face while also keeping frizz to a minimum. If your hair is naturally curly, you may want to straighten or otherwise style the bottom portion to avoid frizz.

In conclusion, growing out a pixie cut or other short haircut can seem intimidating, but when you’re armed with a wealth of attractive and easy-to-create styles, it doesn’t have to be. It may take a little trial and error, but once you’ve found what works for you, you’ll be able to style that awkward in-between hair length without a second thought.


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