Concealer with full coverage is undeniably in trend right now. For me picking up right concealer has always been a very complicated process, and I like the full coverage ones on special occasions… I think it can look amazing in lots of studio lighting, but it’s getting harder for me to pull off full coverage in winter, especially in daytime if I don’t have the patience to blend it or set it properly, and you guys know how much work goes in to make these full coverage products look natural when your skin is dehydrated.

Kylie Cosmetics made their holiday announcements about launching solid lipsticks, concealers and brush set. This time the brand surprised its fans by launching over 30 shades of their liquid concealer.

Price: $20 in USA

Shades: 30 shades

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My Skintone: Light-Medium, NC-30 in MAC
My Skin-Type: Acne-prone, Oily T-zone, dry under-eye area and pigmented.

My Review ?


The Concealer comes in a sleek lip gloss kind of glass tube. The tube is transparent and looks classy. It has typical glossy screw and the tube closes with a silver-colored screw on type cap. There is a doe-foot applicator attached with the cap. The applicator wand is of perfect size for easy application of the concealer. The applicator picks up the right amount of the product. I like the tube packaging, as it is very compact and easy to carry. Overall, the packaging is leak-proof and travel-friendly.


I got the shade Pinenut which is a yellow light medium​ ​with yellow undertones. These shade is perfect for anyone who is NC 30 or NC 35 in MAC. The yellow undertone in this shade works for me because I have dark circles and this nicely brightens up the under-eye area while concealing the imperfection.
Another shade called Maple is similar to this just one shade darker. Shade Ivory is perfect for NC 20 skin-tones.
Kylie Cosmetics has done a wonderful job by including variety of skintones and undertones. It is very difficult for most of the Indian beauties to blend a pinker or peach undertone with our strong yellow toned complexions.



The texture of this concealer is creamy and smooth. I don’t find unmanageable sticky like most of the thick full-coverage concealers and to be honest, this concealer is easy to work with. The texture gives you enough time to blend and doesn’t dry out quickly. I can assure you guys that this product is extremely easy to work with.
For dry skin you’ll definitely need to have some moisturizer below this, specially in winter you can’t just put any makeup product on your face and expect it to give you satin finish.


I blend the concealer with my ring finger or use a damp sponge. The chances that this product will look streaky is very less. Once you get the right shade you just need to blend this one properly for that second skin look.


This concealer gives medium to full coverage. It does cover acne marks, dark circles and pigmentation in one layer. You will get medium coverage but this can be easily layered on to get full coverage. I notice that using my fingers gives full coverage while beauty blender gives medium coverage.


The formula is fabulously pigmented and will give you a fuller coverage or more natural coverage depending how much you apply. It almost felt like I was dabbing some liquid foundation under my eyes. It has a fluid-like consistency that’s loose. The formula is lightweight and I totally agree with the company claims. Although it is on a bit drier side, this flaw can be fixed by properly prepping your skin.


I realize matte finish isn’t exactly what you want to hear when you have drier eyes. Fortunately Kylie concealer settles down to a semi-matte finish which for me is close to natural finish. Although if you add layers, it may give you dry-matte or less satiny look.

Staying Power:

When I set this concealer with powder it stays on my skin for a good 8 hours but on its own it can stay for around 5-6 hours without creasing. Oxidization: Like any other full-coverage product this one also oxidizes but not immediately. It oxidizes after 6-7 hours, which is fine with me.

Summary –

  • BnB Expert Tip : While blending any concealer try to blend from the outer under-eye area to the inner under-eye area, press it in, do not rub or apply too much pressure.
  • Finish : Natural
  • Shade : Pinenut
  • Texture : creamy
  • Formula : Long-wearing, comfortable and bit dry formula.

What I Like ?

Hides dark circles.
Brightens up the under-eye area.
Creamy consistency.
Travel Friendly
Easy to blend.
Medium to full coverage.
Lightweight and Non-greasy formula.
Does not crease.
Pigmentation is good.
Good shade range
Non-cakey finish.
Has good staying power.

What I didn’t Like?

Not Hydrating enough for dry skin.

Bnb Rating: 8.9/10




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