Lots n lots of old products have been landing on my desk recently,  there are so many pretty lipsticks that have really peaked my interest and are totally worth checking out. If you’re into classic colours and different textures, you’ll be really interested in the lipstick review that I’ll be sharing with you today. I feel Revlon is among those brands that plays safe and aren’t known for any on-trend makeup collections, but over the last few years they’ve certainly been evolving and re-creating old formulas.

Although I agree that, you’ll see so many makeup trends in 2018 and not everyone will feel the need to make choices between a cherry red or a peachy nude lip. Lots of newness in lipstick formulas is what I’m looking forward in 2018.

Today I’ll be reviewing REVLON ULTRA HD MATTE Lipcolor in the shade Romance.

Price: $9.99 in USA

My Review?

Packaging: For me the packaging is a little dumb, the head of the sponge applicator is very rounded and that makes it quite difficult to control the application of the product. I would prefer using a lip brush and then quickly touch up using the applicator wand.

Fragrance:  This fragrance is simply awwwesome. It smells like a mango vanilla smoothie, and everytime I apply this product I’ve to remind myself that it’s not edible. Full points here.

Shade: The shade Romance is my holy grail red, although I hate to say this that the shade is not completely matte but still it’s the perfect red for those with yellow undertones like me. You can lightly brush on as a pinkish red LIP-stain or you can apply it full-on as your beautiful classic red lipstick. I love this shade so much for fall and winter. It is just so striking and beautiful.

Pigmentation: Romance goes on with such full and opaque color in just one swipe, there is no streakiness at all. The other shades that I own have good pigmentation, I have noticed that some apply more streakier than others. I’ve also found out that the lighter shades need multiple coats for opaque coverage. .

Texture: Personally, Revlon Matte HD are one of my favorite lip colours. I feel many people didn’t care for them due to the product saying it’s MATTE, actually the product is SATIN. If you’re expecting this product to be as matte as Colourpop or Kylie liquid lipstick then you’re going to be disappointed. I wish Revlon should have given these lip colors some other name unless they were actually thinking of creating matte liquid lipsticks, in which case they failed wonderfully. :D

Revlon HD Matte lipstick have hybrid consistency that reminds me of a lip balm and lipstick all in one. The smooth, cream-gel like consistency is to die for.

Formula & Finish: Revlon Matte HD lipstick actually never accentuate the lines on my lips like many of my liquid lipsticks nor did I notice any bleeding into lines above my lips. My lips don’t ever look dry & cracked after removing them.  Since the lipstick doesn’t have the typical matte formula and takes time to ‘dry down’, I find it very easy to apply. Even a second coat glides without making my lips look dried up. I sincerely love this formula, it’s better than a lot of liquid lipsticks and because it’s very less dry looking and my lips still look plump. However it transfers a lot because of the balm-y texture.  The finish is more like a gloss at the initial application and also some hint of a nice shine. As the first coat sets, the finish looks almost like it has a cream or semi-matte finish.

Staying Power: They don’t last forever on your lips and I don’t complain. I enjoy reapplying my lipcolors and this one stays on my lips for 3-4 hours. For me, the long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks can be overly drying and make my lips look shriveled. This one never dries to a totally matte finish. After 6 hours I can see lovely pink stain on my lips.

Expert Advice:

  • Apply thin even layers and build up slowly, wait for around 30 seconds in between two coats.
  • Never try to apply thick layers. A thick layer can never dry up and it may bleed. You won’t like the end result if you go for thick layers.
  • For more professional application use lip brush and wipe the excess on the back of your hand.
  • They key for a great finish is little patience to wait in between layers.
  • If you really want matte finish try to blot it down with tissue.

OverallI love this product. It’s definitely a beautiful satin-matte liquid lipstick.



  • Formula: Lightweight, not drying, Moisturizing.
  • Finish: Satin
  • Shades Available: 8
  • Best Shades: Devotion and Romance
  • Texture: Creamy, velvety feel
  • Fragrance: mango & whipped vanilla fragrance
  • Color Family: Pink, Red
  • Features: Lightweight, High Pigment Density
  • Suitable for: Skin-tones with yellow undertone.



  1. It is a must have shade and will suit every skin tone.
  2. Romance is a beautiful classic red color and can be worn for date nights and formal occasions.
  3. The pigmentation is very nice.
  4. Sweet vanilla fragrance.
  5. Creamy texture that glides on smoothly.
  6. No bleeding if applied properly.
  7. Never accentuates the cracks or lines.
  8. Finish is satin matte and comfortable.
  9. Staying power is 3-4hrs.


  1. It rubs off easily and I feel like I’m going to smile and it’ll be on my teeth
  2. Applicator is big.
  3. Transfers a lot.
  4. You’ll need to reapply after few hours.
  5. The formula is not at all consistent throughout the shades. Seduction, Spark, & Infatuation are streaky, whereas Addiction, Obsession, & Intensity are very pigmented and need just one swipe.


Final Verdict – I agree with everyone that it is not matte and does not dry down completely. However, I still like it, since I can’t wear those super dry liquid lipsticks everyday. Revlon Ultra Matte HD feels nice on the lips without bleeding all over the place.

BnB Rating: 8.5/10








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