Hello Everyone, This days my skin is looking fabulous- ALL THANKS to my new Korean Skincare Routine. So today, I thought of sharing some information about my skincare in this video, I’ll be showing you some of the things (skincare stuff) that I take with me whenever I travel. So the products that are included in this video are pretty much everything I put in my beauty bag in my carry on luggage. I know lots of people do this they carry on all their skincare which personally for me is stressful. I find that having lots of things when I travel makes me stressed out.

I take this cute little bag which has a Hydrating emulsion, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and a BB cream. I don’t do lots of skincare on flights. I’m not one of those people who get on flight & does a face mask or gives themselves a whole facial because it’s just so much stuff to take. So I rather have what I need and use daily.

About the Bueno Skin care SET: It contains:

  • Bueno MGF PeptideToner
  • Bueno MGF Peptide EyeCream
  • Bueno MGF Peptide Emulsion
  • Bueno Intensive Care Blemish Balm
  • Bueno White Brightening Night Cream.




Thank you for watching :-)

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